Top 10 Cat Influencer Halloween Costumes on Instagram

Following our Top 10 Dog Halloween Costumes, Celebrity Pets Awards for the Top 10 Cat Influencer Halloween Costumes on Instagram! And if you’re wondering how these winners were chosen for these prestigious awards – We saw costumes worn by some of our fav kitty creators that we loved… and made up categories to match them!

Top 10 Cat Influencer Halloween Costumes on Instagram

Best Celebrity Costume – @walterbishopthecat

Starting off with a bang, with Belly (part of the @walterbishopthecat crew) dressed as the Wrecking Ball, who starred in Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball” music video! Let’s hope this adorable tribute gets more casting agents to consider the Wrecking Ball for other acting roles!

Walter, Belly, and Walternate also have an adorable Adams Family group costume that we need to share. Jenna Ortega better watch out or we could see Walternate starring in the next season of Wednesday!

Best “If I Fits, I Sits” Costume – @morris_the_persian_cat

Also known as the Best Box-Based Costume, fitting and sitting in a box is important to cats everywhere – So we felt it was important that it had representation as an award category. The winner being Morris the Persian with his “One Night Stand” costume.

Morris and his brother Bogart deserve an honorable mention for their Barbie and Ken couples costume. (And ICYMI, Meet the pets of the Barbie movie cast)

Most Badass Costume – @cat_cosplay

What beasts or ghouls wouldn’t be intimidated to see this leather-clad kitty Witcher standing in their path? For more, check out our feature on @cat_cosplay.

Best “Doesn’t have to try too hard” Costume – @pixelandsophie

Note this isn’t the “didn’t try too hard” costume, because this spooky kitty doesn’t have to try – He was born with Halloween vibes in his DNA. To learn more about these unique Cornish Rex cats, click here.

Best “Can’t decide what to wear” Costume – @champagneunicorns

Some people can’t decide on what costume to wear for Halloween. But if you’re as colorful and creative as Pony and her human Champagne, your challenge is deciding which one to wear!

Best “My work forced me to dress up” Costume – @mia.macchiato

For all those going to work in their costume against their will, we dedicate this award to you. Mia takes home the award this year (after a long, long shift bartending for Halloween). And make sure to see our feature on Mia Macchiato: The Side Hustle Cat.

Luke’s costume spins in front of a video clip that’s been trending recently of a scary nun dancing to Las Monjita’s “Grupo Exterminador” in the center of an amusement park ride, which you can watch after.

Best Disney Princess Costume – @thatlittlepuff

Lil’ Puff wore a cute Snow White costume with a bloody touch of inspiration from the Saw movie franchise. Plus you also get a tip on how to wrap a Halloween gift! Ps. did you know Little Puff is an accomplished chef?

Best “For a Good Cause” Costume – @truffles_the_kitty

Truffles didn’t put much effort into her costume… But what she does put a ton of effort into is helping kids who wear glasses or have vision issues. Truffles’ story started as just some cute glasses-wearing photos, that eventually grew into the non-profit Truffles the Kitty Organization. And make sure to check out our exclusive interview with Truffles!

Best 31 Handmade Costumes – @ichabodsphynx

Ok this one was very specifically made for Ichabod the Sphynx, whose human has a tradition of hand-making a costume for every day in October. Costumes include classic monsters, pop culture references, celebrities, and more. Pee-wee Herman and Sia were part of this year’s celebrity entries.

If you missed it, make sure to check out our Top 10 Dog Influencer Halloween Costumes on Instagram.

(And we’d love to see your pet’s costume, so connect with us on Instagram at @celebritypetsnet!)

Top 10 Dog Influencer Halloween Costumes on Instagram
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