Top 10 Dog Influencer Halloween Costumes on Instagram

The wait is over – The official Celebrity Pets Awards for the Top 10 Dog Influencer Halloween Costumes for 2023 is here! The categories include classics such couples and group costumes (dogs and humans/dogs only) to categories we just made up so we could include costumes we really liked! And if you’re curious, the winners were chosen through a strict process of endlessly scrolling on Instagram. (also, make sure to follow us at @celebritypetsnet)

Top 10 Dog Influencer Halloween Costumes on Instagram

Best Couples Costume (Dog and Human) – @madmax_fluffyroad

Maxine the Fluffy Corgi and her human went all out with a trifecta of incredible costumes, that included professional makeup and digital backgrounds. First was Maxine as Harry Potter and her human as his magic broomstick.

Then, a terrifying Wicked Witch of the West with one of her flying monkeys.

Then they followed it up with another costume from Hollywood’s Golden Age, with Maxine as King Kong and her human as the Empire State Building.

Best Couples Costume (dogs only) – @sammythegolden247

Sammy and Charlie had an excellent Batman couples costume, complete with Batmobile.

Best Group Costume (Dogs and Humans) – @2husketeers

As a fan of Mario, the Adams Family, and Jurassic Park, I love @2husketeers’ group costumes this year (plus bonus points for the smooth transitions)

Best Group Costumes (Dogs Only) – @mylesandwillows

Myles, Willow, Finn, & Ember got spooky as a gang of boating spiders this year. This crew of weenies always goes big on Halloween, which you can check out here.

Best Greek Mythology-based costume – @DougthePug

Behold! Pugberus! Three (pug) heads are better than one, and here’s proof with a pugged-out version of Cerberus, the three-headed hound of Hades from Greek mythology. Also, check out that time Doug (the Pugadile Hunter) met the Irwin family.

Smolest Costume – @loulouthechichi

Lou the Chichi got top marks for keeping it smol this spooky season.

Favorite Ghost Photoshoot Trend – @pugloulou

here we have another Lou who was also a serious contender in the Smolest category. Pug Loulou takes home the win in the Ghost Photoshoot Trend category. This category had stiff competition this year, but her matching plushie ensured her leading the pack. And check out our feature on Loulou here.

Best Themed Costume Series – @ghost.and.wren

We love to see when a pup and their pawrents put the effort into making several costumes. We especially love to see when they follow a theme. This year, Ghost and Wren, revealed a classy Studio Ghibil theme with an impressive four costume sets. This included “Iggy’s Delivery Service”, based on Kiki’s Delivery Service (complete with a cat to play Jiji). “Iggy Neighbor Totoro,” based on My Neighbor Totoro. Spirited Iggway, based on Spirited Away. And “Princess MonoIggy,” based on Princess Mononoke. Make sure to swipe to see their anima inspirations – And check out our feature on these furry fashion icons.

Best Use Of Adorable Puppies – @beckfastattiffanys

Becky Hollingsworth unleashed an unbelievably cute cauldron of pig-bats this Halloween.

Best Grooming-based Costume – @angela_and_zoe and @gabrielfeitosagrooming (Tied)

This had to be a tie, as we can’t possibly pick between these spectacular poodles and their talented humans/groomers. We have Zoe from @angela_and_zoe as an Alicorn (a winged unicorn).

And then Gabriel Feitosa’s pup as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh!

Make sure to check out our interview with Angela and Zoe and our feature on Gabriel Feitosa (making $1.3 million – and helping rescues – with his creative grooming!)

And up next, the Top 10 Cat Influencer Halloween Costumes on Instagram!

Top 10 Cat Influencer Halloween Costumes on Instagram
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