It’s no secret that pets have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years. What may be a secret, however, is that many of these pets are taking their talents on the road and going on amazing adventures. From surfing to safaris, these furry and feathered friends are showing the world that they can handle anything.

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‘Arthur the King’ – The True Story Behind Mark Wahlberg’s Stray Dog Adventure Movie

The movie "Arthur the King" is based on the true story of a stray dog who joined a 435-mile endurance race across Ecuador.

A Man Found Two Stray Puppies On a Highway – And They’ve Been on a Road Trip Ever Since!

After finding two stray puppies on a road trip, Jordan Kahana quit his job and started a forever road trip with them!

Oli the Cat Becomes the First Feline To Compete in Annual Australian Yacht Race

Despite coming in last, Oli the Cat was met at the finish line by a cheering crowd of fans!

Sami the Westie Is Your Source for Vacation Vibes

Sami the Westie is all vacation vibes, but he's also open about what it takes to be a pet travel influencer.

The Action-Packed Adventures of Squirrels Don and Koi

After watching a few of their epic videos, you'll agree they have more in common with Sonic the Hedgehog than your average park squirrel!

Homura Ham: A Hamster’s Epic Adventures Through Creative Cardboard Mazes

Homura Ham is essentially the Indiana Jones of hamsters. His maze-running adventures include Minecraft, Lego, Super Mario, D&D, and other fun themes!

Meet the Winners of the 2023 World Dog Surfing Championship

The annual World Dog Surfing Championship in California just wrapped up!

Mr. Pink the Chihuahua Is a Tiny Rescue Pup Going on Big Outdoor Adventures

Mr. Pink is a 3.75-pound rescue Chihuahua (and part mountain goat?) that loves the great outdoors, from camping, hiking, paddling, to snowshoeing!

Dr. Alpine the Adventure Cat Became His Human’s Wedding Ring Bearer

Dr. Alpine the Adventure Cat has done it all: Hiker. Swimmer. Skier. Paddle Boarder. And now Ring Bearer!

Interview with Fifi Little Darling the Jet-Set Dachshund

Despite her busy schedule, Fifi Darling was able to make time for an interview during one of her layovers!