What happens when the pet becomes more famous than the human? The answer is always the same: hilarity ensues. Content creators and influencers have relied on their pets for original content ideas for ages. However, the age of pets has arrived, and they are taking over.


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SSundee Pets

Ian Stapleton, better known by his handle Ssundee, is a content creator for YouTube and TikTok. He started promoting his content on YouTube after joining in November 2009. By 2013, he had amassed over 1 million subscribers for his video game content.

Lisa and Lena Mantler Pets

Lisa and Lena Mantler are German content creators and founders of J1MO71, a clothing brand. They are identical twins from Stuttgart, Germany. They are known for their short videos, lip sync, fashion and lifestyle content.

Sabrina Quesada Pets

Sabrina Quesada, known by her handle as Sabquesada, is a content creator from Mexico City. She gained popularity while dating former TikTok creator Cooper Noriega. Cooper passed away in the parking lot of a shopping mall which left his over 2.3 million fans shocked by the tragic news.

Lea Martinez (Slayeas) Pets

Lea Martinez, also known as Slayeas, is an American social media personality, Twitch streamer, cosplayer, and TikTok content creator born on January 10, 2003.

Molly Eskam Pets

Molly Eskam is an American model and content creator known for her YouTube channel with over 550,000 subscribers. Her videos feature lifestyle content, pranks, Vlogs, and collaborations with other popular YouTubers such as RiceGum and FaZe Rug. Molly’s Instagram account has over 1.4 million followers which features runway, swimwear, and lingerie content.

Bianca Ryan Pets

Bianca Ryan is an American musician, singer and songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She started singing professionally at a young age and became the first winner of NBC’s America’s Got Talent at the age of eleven in 2006. She released her first album, Bianca Ryan, later that year followed by two Christmas albums.

Lilliana Ketchman Pets

Lilliana Ketchman, known professionally as Lilly K, is an American content creator, dancer, and model. She started her YouTube channel in 2015 featuring her dance competitions, routines, cooking, fashion, prank, and lifestyle content. Her channels have since gained over 3.9 million subscribers across social media.

Ryan Higa Pets

Ryan Higa, also known as nigahiga, is an American content creator known for his YouTube channels. Starting in 2006, Ryan was one of YouTube’s top creators when he started. His main YouTube channel, nigahiga, was the most subscribed channel on YouTube for 677 consecutive days from 2009 to 2011.

Todrick Hall Pets

Todrick Hall is an American singer, choreographer, television personality, and content creator. He gained International success and a massive YouTube following after the ninth season of the series American Idol in 2010. His videos began going viral for their original songs, parodies, and comedy skits.

Txunamy Ortiz Pets

Txunamy Ortiz is an American actor and content creator. She played the role of Brittany in the teen drama web series “Chicken Girls” (2017) and Brittany Diamond in the web series “Mani” (2017). She also runs a TikTok channel featuring lipsync content under the name Txunamy.