What happens when the pet becomes more famous than the human? The answer is always the same: hilarity ensues. Content creators and influencers have relied on their pets for original content ideas for ages. However, the age of pets has arrived, and they are taking over.


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Lauren Kettering Pets

Lauren Kettering is an American TikTok star and actress, notable for her role in the Brat TV series “Attaway General.” With over 6 million followers on TikTok, Kettering has effectively used the platform to highlight her acting and dancing abilities.

Raye Boyce Pets

Raye Boyce, widely known by her social media handle @ItsMyRayeRaye, is a prominent beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer based in the United States. Over the years, Raye has crafted a significant presence online with her detailed beauty tutorials and product reviews which she showcases to her following on various social media platforms​. Raye first ventured into the digital world through a blog on Tumblr, where she began by sharing makeup looks and affordable beauty finds.

Nicol Concilio Pets

Nicol Concilio, an American social media influencer, content creator, and YouTuber is most regarded for her engaging beauty tutorials, vlogs, and “Italian Mom” comedy sketches on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. She is a native New Yorker who has successfully transplanted her bubbly personality and love for beauty into the digital realm, capturing a large audience across multiple social media platforms. Not only does she offer beauty tips, but her content also spans lifestyle advice, mental health awareness, and general entertainment, providing an escape and a source of positivity for her followers.

Amanda McCants Pets

Amanda McCants is an American actress, model, social media influencer, comedian, and YouTuber. She’s best know for creating comedy skits and characters on social media. She embarked on her acting career with her debut in the film Curse of the Siren in 2016.

Kelsey Kreppel Pets

Kelsey Kreppel is an American social media influencer and YouTube creator that’s popular for her content that spans lifestyle, fashion, and cooking videos. She was formerly a preschool teacher. Kreppel’s shift from teaching to full-time content creation began with her YouTube channel launch in December 2014.

Sarah Cooper Pets

Sarah Cooper is an American author, comedian, and former Google employee, widely recognized for her viral parody videos in which she lip-syncs statements by public figures, most notably former U.S. President Donald Trump. Her humorous take on corporate culture and political satire has earned her significant acclaim, leading to a book deal and appearances on various national television shows.

Meryem Birsoz Pets

Meryem Birsoz is a Turkish Instagram influencer and entrepreneur. She founded Moshiqa, a luxury fashion and accessory brand for pets, in 2012. Celebrity fans of her Moshiqa brand include Chrissy Teigen, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, and Paris Hilton.

Olivia Caputo Pets

Olivia Caputo is an Italian-American social media influencer, content creator, and model. She’s best known for her engaging social media presence, particularly in the realms of lifestyle, beauty, and fashion content. Caputo graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Media/Communications and a minor in Business, originally aiming for a career in television reporting before pivoting to full-time influencer work due to her rapidly growing Instagram presence​.

Taylor Mega Pets

Taylor Mega is an Italian model, influencer, television personality, and entrepreneur known for her appearances on Italian reality television shows such as “Isola dei Famosi” and “Temptation Island VIP.” She founded Mega Fitness Community, an online platform dedicated to fitness and wellness. Mega has leveraged her media presence to establish significant partnerships with various fashion and beauty brands, enhancing her role as a promoter of lifestyle products.

Jim Henson Pets

Jim Henson is an American puppeteer, animator, cartoonist, actor, inventor, filmmaker, and screenwriter, best known as the creator of The Muppets. Henson transformed puppetry into a dynamic medium for storytelling, appealing to audiences of all ages. His most celebrated work, The Muppet Show, became a global phenomenon, showcasing his unique blend of humor, whimsy, and technical prowess.