What happens when the pet becomes more famous than the human? The answer is always the same: hilarity ensues. Content creators and influencers have relied on their pets for original content ideas for ages. However, the age of pets has arrived, and they are taking over.


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Kalynn Koury Pets

Kalynn Koury is an American social media personality, particularly noted for her presence on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch, where she collaboratively creates content with her brother, Weston Koury. At the heart of Kalynn’s expansive digital footprint is her YouTube channel, Sinjin Drowning. Running this channel alongside her brother, they cater to an audience of over 389,000 subscribers with a myriad of vlogs and video game content.

Niko Omilana Pets

Niko Omilana is a British YouTuber and social media influencer, particularly known for his pranks, satirical commentary, and political activism. Although he didn’t begin his journey in traditional films or television series, Omilana has carved a unique space for himself in the world of online content. With a YouTube channel boasting millions of subscribers, he has achieved mainstream recognition through viral hits such as “Fake Employee Pranks,” “Niko Omilana for London Mayor,” and “The NDL Movement.”

Vy Qwaint Pets

Vy Qwaint is an American YouTuber and entrepreneur primarily known for her role in creating content that blends lifestyle, hacks, and spy adventures. Her channel, which has garnered millions of subscribers, serves as a hub for viewers who enjoy a mix of espionage and everyday life advice. Vy Qwaint’s most notable work revolves around her YouTube channel, where she shares videos that incorporate elements of action-adventure and lifestyle tips.

Karl Jacobs Pets

Karl Jacobs is an American internet personality and content creator, best known for his roles in the Dream SMP, the MrBeast crew, and his own Twitch streams. From Minecraft gaming to intricate tales spun on the Dream SMP server, Karl Jacobs has significantly diversified his online presence. Engaging millions of fans on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and social media, he has become a recognized name in the internet arena.

Mackenzie Turner Pets

Mackenzie Turner is an American content creator primarily recognized for her comedic and impersonation-based TikTok videos, later pivoting to YouTube to post Roblox-focused content. Beyond social media, she also has formal education and certification in fitness and training, even dabbling in the world of personal fitness training. Diversifying her reach, Mackenzie transitioned from TikTok to YouTube, creating a platform primarily focused on Roblox gameplay and tips.

Ricky Olson Pets

Ricky Olson is an American musician, author, and YouTube personality primarily known for his role as the guitarist for the band Motionless in White. Widely recognized for his unique blend of creativity across multiple platforms, Olson continues to make waves in both the music and digital arenas. Olson initially gained traction in the entertainment world as the guitarist of Motionless in White, contributing to several of the band’s chart-topping albums such as “Infamous” (2012) and “Graveyard Shift” (2017).

Rodrigo Carrera Pets

Rodrigo Carrera is a Twitch Star based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, best known for his Just Chatting streams and occasional gameplay on platforms like Roblox and Minecraft. On Twitch, Carrera has been a standout, especially for his Just Chatting sessions that resonate with fans on a more personal level. His channel, carreraaa, has garnered over 2.3 million followers.

Ethan Nestor Pets

Ethan Nestor is a dynamic personality in the online entertainment sphere, particularly celebrated for his work as a YouTuber and content creator. Initially stepping into the limelight through the collaborative channel CrankGameplays, Nestor’s humor and distinctive content have since garnered him a dedicated following. Over the years, Nestor has expanded his reach to not just YouTube but other forms of online content as well, such as podcasts and livestreams.

Ryan Trahan Pets

Ryan Trahan is an American YouTuber, vlogger, and entrepreneur, known for his “penny challenge” series and a robust following exceeding 13 million subscribers on YouTube. He is also the founder of multiple businesses, including Neptune Bottle and the clothing line Howdy Howdy. Initially rising to online fame with content centered around running, Trahan has diversified his portfolio to include an array of videos, from Tesla races to outdoor camping adventures.

Anna McNulty Pets

Anna McNulty is a Canadian YouTube personality, primarily known for her incredible flexibility and gymnastic tutorials that have captivated a global audience. Unlike traditional celebrities who find fame through films, television series, or albums, McNulty carved a niche for herself on YouTube, using the platform to demonstrate awe-inspiring flexibility exercises and gymnastics tutorials. With a YouTube channel boasting over 1.5 million subscribers, her videos are a blend of fitness, lifestyle, and gymnastic flair.