What happens when the pet becomes more famous than the human? The answer is always the same: hilarity ensues. Content creators and influencers have relied on their pets for original content ideas for ages. However, the age of pets has arrived, and they are taking over.


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Brianna Arsement Pets

Brianna Arsement is an American content creator that also goes by BriannaPlayz. She is known for her video game challenges mostly on the Minecraft and Roblox. Brianna started as a nurse that worked at the UT Southwestern Clements Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

Danny Gonzalez Pets

Danny Gonzalez is an American content creator. He started on Vine where he gained traction. After the platform shut down, Danny Gonzalez started a few personal channels on YouTube in 2014.

Drew Gooden Pets

Drew Gooden is a YouTube personality and content creator. He gained popularity for his sketch comedy on Vine in 2013 and transitioned to YouTube after the platform shut down. His first success post was the “road work ahead” video which had 10 million loops on Vine before the platform was shut down.

Lizzy Capri Pets

Elizabeth Chang, known by her creator name Lizzy Capri, is an American content creator known for her YouTube channel under her Lizzy Capri. After collaborating with fellow YouTubers Stephen and Carter Sharer in 2012, Lizzy Capri branched out on her own and amassed over 1 million subscribers by June 2018. She also runs another channel under the name Milli’s World which features her dog Milli and other pet friends.

Ted Nivison Pets

Theodore Kennedy Nivison Jr., known professionally as Ted Nivison, is an American content creator, comedian based in Los Angeles, California. His content often includes commentary around funny topics, situational comedy, movie reviews, and pranks. He creates content across multiple channels which collectively have grown to over 900,000 subscribers.

WillNE Pets

William Lenney, known by his streaming name WillNE, is an English YouTuber and internet personality based in London. He started gaining traction in 2016 with his gaming music video channel BGMedia. In 2016, WillNE had over 250,000 followers on YouTube and he reached 1 million by December 2017.

EddieVR Pets

Eduardo, known by his handle EddieVR formerly Sauceddie, is a Mexican content creator known for playing virtual reality games. His YouTube channel, Sauceddie, started started in September 2019 releasing video game content and comedy skits. After landing in the VR niche, he gained over 9 million followers across two channels.

Kevin Smith Pets

Kevin Smith is an American filmmaker, actor, comedian, comic book writer, author, YouTuber, and podcaster. His first low-budget film Clerks (1994) become a cult classic which starred his characters Jay and Silent Bob. The success of the roles led to films Mallrats (1995), Chasing Amy (1997), Dogma (1999), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), Clerks II (2006), Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019), and Clerks III (2022).

Jeremy Dooley Pets

Jeremy Dooley, known professionally as Lil’J or JDoolz, is an American actor, voice actor, podcast host, and content creator. His is best known for his work co-hosting the Rooster Teeth division Achievement Hunter. Starting in 2014, Jeremy worked as an editor and content creator.

Pamela Reif Pets

Pamela Reif is a German fitness influencer and entrepreneur. She started her career as a fashion influencer in 2012 at the age of 16 when she started posting on Instagram. She’s considered the most successful fashion influencer in Germany with over 20 million followers.