What happens when the pet becomes more famous than the human? The answer is always the same: hilarity ensues. Content creators and influencers have relied on their pets for original content ideas for ages. However, the age of pets has arrived, and they are taking over.


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Lana Rhoades Pets

Lana Rhoades, an American podcast co-host, social media influencer, and former adult film star, has gained recognition for her appearances in notable magazines such as Hustler, Penthouse, and Playboy. Inspired by the glamour of models on “The Girls Next Door” at a young age, she aspired to follow in the footsteps of Anna Nicole Smith. Rhoades entered the adult film industry at 19 in 2016 but left by the end of 2017, later speaking out against industry exploitation and mistreatment.

Claudia Vergara Pets

Claudia Vergara, born on September 21, 1992, in Colombia, has emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of social media and television hosting. Not merely recognized as the niece of the illustrious actress Sofía Vergara, Claudia has independently established her mark as a TV host, social media star, and model. With an education in fashion design from Los Angeles, California, she blends her academic background with her innate flair for style, making her a distinguished personality in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Sambucha Pets

Sam, known online as Sambucha, is an American YouTuber who started his channel on January 1, 2020. He is recognized for his YouTube shorts and long-form content, including reaction videos, challenges, and gaming, notably GeoGuessr. Sambucha launched a second channel, “Sam2cha,” on May 3, 2021, for long-form content but has since concentrated on his main channel.

Giorgia Soleri Pets

Giorgia Soleri is an Italian model and social media influencer. Beyond her modeling career, she is recognized for her relationship with Damiano David, the lead vocalist of Måneskin, the Italian rock band celebrated for winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 and their subsequent performance on Saturday Night Live in 2022. Originating from Milan, Italy, Soleri embarked on her modeling journey at a young age, quickly securing collaborations with a host of esteemed brands and publications, including appearances in GQ Italia Magazine.

Summit1G (Jaryd Lazar) Pets

Jaryd Lazar, known online as Summit1g, is an American streamer and former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. He has gained significant popularity on the Twitch platform, where he streams a variety of video games, including CS:GO, Fortnite, and Sea of Thieves. Throughout his streaming career, Summit1g has collaborated with numerous streamers and content creators, enhancing his reach and impact within the gaming community.

Chrissy Teigen Pets

Chrissy Teigen, an American model, television personality, and author, has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment and culinary worlds. Best known for her vivacious personality and candid presence on social media, Teigen has transcended the boundaries of modeling to become a beloved figure in popular culture. Her most important career highlight includes her co-hosting duties on the hit TV show Lip Sync Battle, alongside LL Cool J, which showcased her charismatic and engaging on-screen presence.

David Portnoy Pets

Dave Portnoy, an American entrepreneur and social media personality, is the founder of Barstool Sports, a company that has significantly influenced sports and popular culture. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Portnoy’s early love for sports and betting paved the way for his eventual creation of Barstool Sports. Starting as a local Boston paper to fill a gap in sports analysis for betting enthusiasts, the platform evolved into a digital powerhouse offering a blend of sports news, pop culture content, and merchandise.

Mercedes Blanche Pets

Mercedes Blanche, originally Mercedesz Meszaros from Hungary, is a Canadian actress celebrated for her leading role as X-Ray Supe in “The Boys” Season 3. Initially pursuing Project Management, she later honed her acting skills at LB Acting Studios in Toronto, where she is currently based. Mercedes began her career with guest appearances, including on “Robyn Hood” (2023) as Maddie, “Slumberland” (2022), “The Boys” (2021), among others.

Evan Antin Pets

Evan Antin is an American veterinarian, author, and television personality known for his work in veterinary medicine and wildlife conservation. He authored “World Wild Vet,” sharing his global animal encounters, and hosted “Evan Goes Wild” on Animal Planet. Antin practices at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital and actively promotes wildlife conservation through various platforms and collaborations with wildlife organizations.

Madeline Argy Pets

Madeline Argy is an English social media influencer and TikTok star who has rapidly risen to fame since she began posting videos in 2021. With a following that includes nearly 5 million on TikTok and 1.8 million on Instagram, Argy has become known for her intimate, tongue-in-cheek content that resonates with a wide audience. Her notable achievements include launching her own podcast, “Pretty Lonesome with Madeline Argy,” under Alex Cooper’s Unwell Network in 2023, and making her feature film debut in “The Magic Flute” in 2022.