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Does AzzyLand Have Any Pets?

Golden Sun


AzzyLand had a dog named Golden Sun.


Dog | Adopted 2020

AzzyLand adopted a dog named Angie in 2020.


AzzyLand Pets


February 23, 1991 (31)

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AzzyLand is the online pseudonym of Canadian YouTuber and Twitch streamer Azra Bajrami. She is best known for her gaming content, in which she plays and streams a variety of video games, including popular first-person shooter games and role-playing games. AzzyLand has built a large following on YouTube and Twitch with her energetic and entertaining commentary, and is known for her positive attitude and sense of humor. In addition to her gaming content, AzzyLand also creates vlogs and other types of content that showcase her daily life and interests. She has a strong connection with her audience and is known for her interactions with her viewers and her efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive community.