Cooking with Badger – A classically trained chef and golden retriever

While just over a year old, Badger already works as a pawsonal chef to his humans. And his culinary skills and fun attitude have already gained him over 170,000 followers in less than a year. And this good boy isn’t ordering Hello Fresh, he’s putting in real work creating meals, snacks, and smoothies all from scratch!

Here Badger crafts an Insta-worth eggplant parmesan.

After seeing him char the peppers and fry fresh tortillas, we know his chips and salsa is legit.

Like many home chefs, Badger also finds baking very therapeutic.

Here he is whipping up a healthy quinoa salad. And as a pawfessional, he’s wearing Crocs to avoid slipping when he’s busy in the kitchen.

While he often prepares healthy options for his clients, he’ll still serve up a decadent breakfast every now and then.

And if you have an hangover, Badger has the cure.

He’ll also keep you powered up through the week with some meal prep, like these pawtein balls for example.

For more meal ideas, follow @cookingwithbadger on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

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