Simon Gerard is the head writer and treats dealer at Celebrity Pets, where he's been researching and writing about the pampered pets of celebrities, pet influencers, and other pet-related topics since 2016. He also loves deep dives into notable pets throughout history, praising hard-working professional pets, and regaling in heart-warming rescue stories. Instead of interviewing pet parents and managers, Simon is most passionate about interviewing famous fur babies and pet influencers directly, giving them a much-deserved platform for their voice and letting fans get to know the real pet behind their celebrity persona. And what inspires him to write? That would be his muse and fur son Higgins, an incredibly charming and well-dressed Corgipoo.


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Chichi Charlie – The Daily Life of a Chihuahua Construction Worker

When you think of dog influencers, you think of models, actors, artists, chefs, athletes, etc... But what about blue-collar canines?

Badger the Cat Has a Collection of Taylor Swift Eras Tour Costumes

Badger started life on the streets - Now he's a Swiftie with a wardrobe of purrfectly recreated Taylor Swift outfits!

Will Smith Share How He Tried to Adopt Abbey the Dog, His ‘Brilliant Actress’ Costar From ‘I Am Legend’

"It was like Abby spoke English. You could say, 'Hey Abby do you see where I left my phone?' - Like she literally could understand you."

Kaley Cuoco Has a Zonkey On Her Rescue Farm Animal Ranch

Kaley Cuoco lives on a ranch dedicated to rescue animals, with the most unique addition being a "Zonkey" she adopted named Zazie.

Miranda Lambert Reveals Two of Her Rescue Dogs Have Passed Away

The country star and adoption advocate just revealed she had to say goodbye to two of her rescues in the last 6 weeks.

David Duchovny Posts a Heartbreaking Poem About His Dog Who Just Passed Away

Brick was found as a stray puppy living under a L.A. Freeway in 2015 and had been by Duchovny's side ever since.

Pharrell Williams Launches “Dandy Dog Walkers” Collection for Louis Vuitton

Already the Men's Creative Director at Louis Vuitton, you can also consider Pharrell their Canine's Creative Director.

Chrissy Teigen Surprises Followers With Her Kids’ New Sphynx Kitty

Chrissy Teigen's pets range from rescue dogs to dragons - With this being the first feline member of their family.

The Osbourne Family Adopt a Severely Burned English Bulldog

Walter was rescued with horrifying chemical burns all over his face... But he's recovering quickly and just arrived at his celebrity furever home!

Cala the Viral ‘I Go Meow’ Singing Kitty Passed Away and Her Musical Partner Pays Tribute

Despite her kitten looks, Cala was much older - Since becoming a beloved viral hit a few months ago, she has sadly passed away.