Simon Gerard is the head writer and treats dealer at Celebrity Pets, where he has been researching and writing about the pampered pets of celebrities, pet influencers, and other pet-related topics since 2016. He also loves deep dives into notable pets throughout history, praising hard-working professional pets, and regaling in heart-warming rescue stories. And what inspires him to write? That would be his muse and fur son Higgins, an incredibly charming and well-dressed Corgipoo.


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Dave Bautista Was Convinced To Adopt His 4th Pitbull by Millie Bobby Brown and Chris Pratt

And Bautista didn't need much convincing after Pratt showed him a photo of the cute puppy!

‘Selling Sunset’ Stars Mary Bonnet and Jason Oppenheim Shared Niko, Their 18-Year-Old Rescue Dog, Has Passed Away

Despite ending their relationship, they stayed connected to both care for their two dogs, Niko and Zelda.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Rescue Poodle, Winnie, Steals the Show on ‘The Tonight Show’

Despite a huge crowd cheering and clapping, the confident canine ran from behind a curtain to personally greet fans before sitting for the interview!

Since Jon Stewart’s Emotional Goodbye to His Rescue Dog, His Shelter Has Been Flooded With Donations

In the three days since Jon Stewart tearfully shared his rescue dog's passing, his shelter has received over $35,000 in donations and counting!

Jennifer Garner’s Therapy Dog, Birdie, Got a Promotion To Work at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

In a new interview, Jennifer Garner shared details about Birdie, her Golden Retriever - which included becoming a therapy dog at a children's hospital!

Sofia Vergara’s Ex-Dog, Bubbles, Gets Her Own Passport to Tour Europe With Her Ex-Husband, Joe Manganiello

Would it piss you off to see your ex having fun traveling the world without you? What if it was your ex-dog?

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Revealed Their New Puppy Named Ava Burrito

After Zelda, their beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, passed away last May, the couple decided to adopt an adorable pup of the same breed!

Jon Stewart Shares Tearful Tribute to Dipper, His 3-Legged Rescue Pitbull

Stewart adopted Dipper after meeting him while his kids were raising money for a rescue shelter 13 years ago.

Celebrities and Fans Mourn the Death of Flaco the Famous Fugitive Owl of NYC

After escaping the Central Park Zoo one year ago, Flaco, an Eurasian owl, became a famous sight to see around New York City.

Someone Finally Trained Their Cat To Play Mozart (And Created the First Cat Piano)

Aaron Benitez, better known as “Aaron’s Animals, he’s famous for his incredibly creative videos featuring his cat, Prince Michael, and his furry pals (and plenty of special effects). Credit: @aaronsanimals/Instagram Below are just recent samples of a long list of viral videos since 2015 (that you’ve likely seen a few of). View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aaron’s Animals (@aaronsanimals) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aaron’s Animals (@aaronsanimals) Then earlier this month, Aaron teased a new video…