Pets have always been there right when we need them, but sometimes they need help too. Fortunately, many of these animals are rescued by kind-hearted individuals who provide them with a loving home. These rescues are the very best of humanity.

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‘Arthur the King’ – The True Story Behind Mark Wahlberg’s Stray Dog Adventure Movie

The movie "Arthur the King" is based on the true story of a stray dog who joined a 435-mile endurance race across Ecuador.

Model Taylor Hill Celebrates Valentine’s Day With a Dog Adoption Event

The former Victoria's Secret Angel is now a Pet Adoption Angel!

Weeks-Long Effort: Homeowner Works to Rescue Hairless Creature in Backyard

In a heartwarming turn of events, a homeowner dedicated several weeks to the mission of catching a peculiar, bald creature that had made their backyard its home. Curiosity piqued by the sight of the scrawny, furless creature, the Good Samaritan was determined to lend a helping hand. The task of capturing the elusive animal was daunting, yet the commitment to its welfare never wavered.

Dog Escapes Kennel, Throws a Party, Then Gets Busted by the Cops

This clever pup also opened a door and almost freed his doggy friends!

The ‘Muttcracker’ by Dancers & Dogs and the St. Louis Ballet Has Found Over 100 Dogs Their Forever Homes

Now in its 6th year, the "Muttcracker," a project by Dancers & Dogs with the St. Louis Ballet and Stray Rescue, is helping dogs get adopted for the holidays.

Cat Ladies Billie Eilish and Kate McKinnon Help Get Kitties Adopted in Saturday Night Live Sketch

Billie Eilish and Kate McKinnon channel their inner cat ladies for a Holiday Cat-tacular!

Jason Momoa and Stephen Colbert Cuddle Rescue Dogs (and Lie) To Get Them Adopted

In the latest edition of Rescue Dog Rescue, Colbert needs help as he's recovering from surgery, so he got someone big and strong to help out.

“Ahole Eddie” The Rescue Dog Went Viral for Being a Jerk, Now Using His Fame To Give Back to His Shelter

After his Facebook post describing him as "an a$$hole" went viral and got him adopted, Eddie has turned his life around and is giving back!

Kevin Bacon the Pig Went Missing – Then Was Found With Help From Kevin Bacon the Actor

Kevin Bacon (pig) was reunited with his family after two weeks on the run, which included help from Kevin Bacon (human).

Merlin, the TikTok Famous Pig, Rescued a Baby Cow from an Abusive Petting Zoo

Merlin, a TikTok pigfluencer, just revealed his new rescue calf sibling to his 2 million followers!