Pets have always been there right when we need them, but sometimes they need help too. Fortunately, many of these animals are rescued by kind-hearted individuals who provide them with a loving home. These rescues are the very best of humanity.

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Stray Dogs Offers Comfort to a Stranger in the Face of Grief (Video)

It was going to be a long day for grief-stricken María José Sáez Orte as she went to the cemetery to mourn the loss of a loved one. There’s no shortcut to healing and María went alone to begin the process. Tearfully settling down, she was seemingly inconsolable until a stranger came for a visit.

Tema The Chubby Raccoon From Zoo Baby to Pampered Instagram Superstar

Welcome to the world of Tema, the chubby raccoon with over 325k followers on Instagram. When Tema was just a baby, he was adopted from the zoo by Lena Troskina and her husband, who was a manager there. While pet raccoons are uncommon, it’s happening more and more.

Gino is officially the world’s oldest dog at 22 years old

Soon after Flossie was announced as the new World's Oldest Living Cat at 27 years old, Guinness World Records revealed the new World's Oldest Living Dog.

Wanted dog turns herself in at police station (video)

After becoming a wanted pooch, Rosie the border collie decided to turn herself in at the local police station.

Flossie is officially the World’s Oldest Cat at 27 years old

Just a few weeks from her 27th birthday, Flossie has been crowned The World's Oldest Cat by Guinness World Records.

Smuckers the Cat saves baby bobcat by donating blood

Just days after his human passed away, Smuckers went above and beyond to save a baby bobcat with a blood donation.

A Tiny Lamb Finds Motivation to Live With The Help of an Aussie Shepherd

Maddison, Maddie for short, is a little lamb born on a farm in Canada earlier this year. The timing of her birth was meant to coincide with the upcoming Easter market and she was supposed to be just a couple months old which means she would be big, but not too big. Credit: BLACK GOAT FARM AND SANCTUARY But things didn’t work out.

The touching moment a monkey mourned the death of the man who showed kindness

It’s always heartbreaking when any creature — human or not — loses a loved one. Peetambaram Rajan, a 56-year-old Sri Lanka local, passed away recently and many were saddened, including his monkey companion. Rajan had become known as a friend of animals and his monkey friend visited him everyday for snacks and companionship.

Dexter Dog Ouray Overcame Being Hit By a Car and Losing a Leg

When Dexter Dog Ouray was hit by a car and his front leg, his family never imagined he’d become an internet sensation. But that’s exactly what happened. What started as a tragedy is now an amazing story of triumph.

Canadian woman assembles rescue team to save 16 stranded dolphins

Linda Groocock in Nova Scotia spotted a stranded pod of dolphins and quickly assembled a team of volunteers to rescue them.