Pets have always been there right when we need them, but sometimes they need help too. Fortunately, many of these animals are rescued by kind-hearted individuals who provide them with a loving home. These rescues are the very best of humanity.

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Kevin Bacon the Pig Went Missing – Then Was Found With Help From Kevin Bacon the Actor

Kevin Bacon (pig) was reunited with his family after two weeks on the run, which included help from Kevin Bacon (human).

Merlin, the TikTok Famous Pig, Rescued a Baby Cow from an Abusive Petting Zoo

Merlin, a TikTok pigfluencer, just revealed his new rescue calf sibling to his 2 million followers!

Man Awarded $1.375 Million After His Landlord Kidnapped His Cat Roommate

The massive award goes to prove the power of love between a human and a cat (As well as tenant's rights)

Tunita the Stray Dog Crashed a Soccer Game – So the Home Team Adopted Her as Their Mascot!

Tunita is proof that if they don't give you a shot to make the team - Sometimes you just have to take it yourself!

The Nice Rascals: Laughs and Lessons with 10 Rescue Cats

In her quest to help stray cats, Nicoletta has assembled the Nice Rascals like a feline version of "The Avengers"!

Rockstar Bret Michaels Adopts a Heroic Husky Also Named Bret Michaels

After Bret Michaels (dog) saved a kitten via a blood transfusion, Bret Michaels (human) was so impressed he had to adopt him!

Meet Xing Xing the one-armed monkey and the grandma nun that adopted her (video)

Despite losing an arm, Xing Xing is one chilled-out chonk thanks to Ye, the elderly Buddhist nun who rescued her.

Mrs. T the 90-Year-Old Tortoise Lost Her Legs From a Rat Attack, Now Burns Rubber With Prosthetic Wheels

Losing her front legs from a rat attack didn't slow this tortoise down... It sped her up!

Forget Cat Cafes, Let’s All Go to Bristol’s Cat Pub!

Since 2011, Bristol's Bag O Nails pub has been serving pints and pussycats to their fun-and-fur loving patrons!

Willy Wonky the Wobbly Feline Is Inspiring His Millions of Fans To Adopt Special Needs Cats

No Willy's not drunk - He has a "wobbly cat Syndrome". But that's not stopping him from having fun, spreading joy, and encouraging adoption of special needs kitties!