Pets have always been there right when we need them, but sometimes they need help too. Fortunately, many of these animals are rescued by kind-hearted individuals who provide them with a loving home. These rescues are the very best of humanity.

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Dog a Fake Hero: Story of a Dog That Pushed Kids into a River to Get Steaks

The dog became a hero. Then lived long enough to see himself become the villain.

From Feral to Familiar: The Story of Little Pumpkin and her Fur-Ever Family

Madeline’s heart was moved the day a scrawny and timid Pumpkin showed up at her doorstep, hoping for some food, TLC, and maybe a little warmth. At first, Pumpkin was scared of her and stayed away, but then she saw another feral cat get close. Her persistence soon paid off, and Pumpkin began warming up to sharing her space.

Ginger The Pibble Once Separated from Her Puppies Now Adopts to Foster Kittens

Ginger The Pibble has a big heart and loves being a mom, even when the babies aren’t her own! After her puppies were adopted, she began helping lost kittens find new homes. Sometimes the kittens show up lost, vulnerable, and in need of comfort.

Pawl Ruff the Shelter Dog Hoping to Get Adopted by his Look-alike Paul Rudd

Pawl Ruff the rescue dog went viral thanks to having a similar handsome look, easy-going attitude, and smirk of Ant-Man star Paul Rudd,

Turkish Firefighter Ali Cakas Saves a Cat Who Now Refuses to Leave His Side

A firefighter pulled this lucky kitty out of the rubble from the Turkey-Syria earthquake and made a new best friend.

Meet Gatoelho the Cat Bunny

Gatoelho is a half-cat, half-bunny from Brazil that’s name combines the Portuguese words for cat and bunny. He has a cat’s face, a kinda bunny-ish body, a pom pom tail, and even hops around. But is Gatoelho really a super cute cat-bunny hybrid?

Cheeto & Piper The Rescued Raccoons That Fingerpaint Terrible Days Away

It all started in 2017 with Tito the Rescue Bandit @titotheraccoon – one lost baby abandoned in an attic. Little did he know, that two years later Cheeto would take up residence and their clan would be complete. With much sadness, Tito escaped and was never seen again but Piper joined just in time!

Jamie Katz Pet Detective saved a missing dog in a Florida canal

One of Jim Carrey’s most iconic roles was playing Ace Ventura, a pet detective in Florida. But Jamie Katz, also based in Florida, is the real deal. Katz is a licenced private investigator and K9 handler that specializes in finding lost, missing, and stolen pets in her home state of Florida and across the country.

From Street Mom To Shelter Mom: Mama Kerry’s Incredible Transformation

Mama Kerry was a very special dog when she was found by Hearts & Bones Rescue. She had been hiding under a car and was heavily pregnant, and ended up giving birth to her puppies at the shelter. Even with so many unknowns in front of her, Kerry was brave and resilient – something that made it easier for the rescue to accept her into their program and ensure she was safe and cared for.

Relax and Soak it In With The Zen Kitty for Catspiration & Outdoor Adventure

Want to get a glimpse of the life of luxury with a few lucky adventure cats? Take a look at @thezenkitty. Run by run by Tanya Michel, the channel chronicles the daily lives of her three rescued Persian cats, Zen (White & orange), Leo (orange), and Minki (white), and Oppi the dog.