Pets have always been there right when we need them, but sometimes they need help too. Fortunately, many of these animals are rescued by kind-hearted individuals who provide them with a loving home. These rescues are the very best of humanity.

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Merlin, the TikTok Famous Pig, Rescued a Baby Cow from an Abusive Petting Zoo

Merlin, a TikTok pigfluencer, just revealed his new rescue calf sibling to his 2 million followers!

Man Awarded $1.375 Million After His Landlord Kidnapped His Cat Roommate

The massive award goes to prove the power of love between a human and a cat (As well as tenant's rights)

Tunita the Stray Dog Crashed a Soccer Game – So the Home Team Adopted Her as Their Mascot!

Tunita is proof that if they don't give you a shot to make the team - Sometimes you just have to take it yourself!

The Nice Rascals: Laughs and Lessons with 10 Rescue Cats

In her quest to help stray cats, Nicoletta has assembled the Nice Rascals like a feline version of "The Avengers"!

Rockstar Bret Michaels Adopts a Heroic Husky Also Named Bret Michaels

After Bret Michaels (dog) saved a kitten via a blood transfusion, Bret Michaels (human) was so impressed he had to adopt him!

Meet Xing Xing the one-armed monkey and the grandma nun that adopted her (video)

Despite losing an arm, Xing Xing is one chilled-out chonk thanks to Ye, the elderly Buddhist nun who rescued her.

Mrs. T the 90-Year-Old Tortoise Lost Her Legs From a Rat Attack, Now Burns Rubber With Prosthetic Wheels

Losing her front legs from a rat attack didn't slow this tortoise down... It sped her up!

Forget Cat Cafes, Let’s All Go to Bristol’s Cat Pub!

Since 2011, Bristol's Bag O Nails pub has been serving pints and pussycats to their fun-and-fur loving patrons!

Willy Wonky the Wobbly Feline Is Inspiring His Millions of Fans To Adopt Special Needs Cats

No Willy's not drunk - He has a "wobbly cat Syndrome". But that's not stopping him from having fun, spreading joy, and encouraging adoption of special needs kitties!

These Ancient Roman Ruins Are Now a Cat Sanctuary

Are you always thinking about the Roman Empire? And/or cats? Then we have the article for you!