Pets have always been there right when we need them, but sometimes they need help too. Fortunately, many of these animals are rescued by kind-hearted individuals who provide them with a loving home. These rescues are the very best of humanity.

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Relax and Soak it In With The Zen Kitty for Catspiration & Outdoor Adventure

Want to get a glimpse of the life of luxury with a few lucky adventure cats? Take a look at @thezenkitty. Run by run by Tanya Michel, the channel chronicles the daily lives of her three rescued Persian cats, Zen (White & orange), Leo (orange), and Minki (white), and Oppi the dog.

84-Year-Old Lost in the Desert Saved by His Dog’s Unconditional Love!

When 84-year-old Don Gregorio Romero went missing from his home in Sonora, Mexico, it seemed like a near impossible task to find him. After days of unsuccessful searching by the authorities and family members, it was left up to one special being – his dog Palomo – for help. Credit: DEBORA MTZ Credit: DEBORA MTZ Amazingly, Palomo followed his nose and led rescuers two miles across a barren desert landscape to where Romero was lying exhausted and dehydrated — but still alive.

The Look Ahead Cats – 6 rescue cats that run an animal hospital

These 6 cats were all originally patients at the Look Ahead Veterinary Hospital... But now they essentially run the place.

Prismo the Wishmaster – From abandoned in a desert to a handsome boy

After being left in a desert, Prismo became hungry and vitamin deprived, his bones became so soft he could barely hold himself up. But luckily he got his wish and was rescued!

The Rise of the ‘Golden Unicorn’: Meet Rae, The One-Eared Golden Retriever!

Meet Rae, the one-eared golden retriever known as the Internet’s “unicorn” dog. With over 200,000 Instagram followers, the adorable mythical dog has taken over social media with her bubbly personality! Unicorn Rae and her Floppy Ear!

Dottie the Dwarf – Tiny Griffon, Giant Heart

Dottie is a Griffon with dwarfism that was almost euthanized, but now her bravery and sass inspires people around the world!

Messi the Puma: Not your average house cat

Messi was rescued from a Russian Zoo and unable to return to the wild due to health issues. A caring couple took him in and now he's world-famous!

The story of Biquette the punk rock goat

After being rescued from a slaughterhouse, Biquette enjoyed the rest of her years partying with punk rockers.

Jamal Galves the Manatee Man is a superhero that saves baby manatees

Starting at age 11, Jamal Galves has been helping with manatee conservation for over 20 years in Belize and Florida.

Meet Xing Xing the one-armed monkey and the nun that adopted her (video)

Despite losing an arm, Xing Xing is one chilled-out chonk thanks to Ye, the elderly Buddhist nun who rescued her.