After Two Years, Jessica Biel Finally Meets Jessica Seal!

After a two-year wait, Jessica Biel finally got the chance to meet Jessica Seal, the celebrity rescue seal! While clearly starstruck, Biel and Seal both hit it off during their exclusive meet-and-greet.

Jessica Biel Finally Meets the rescued seal named Jessica Seal at the Vancouver Aquarium

Biel got to know Seal and what a day is like for a marine celebrity such as her. Jessica Seal was rescued off the coast of Vancouver’s beachside Kitsilano neighborhood. The seal was found underweight and partially blind from a gunshot wound. Deemed unfit to be released back into the wild, Jessica Seal lives at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Jessica Seal is apparently a bit of a troublemaker – With Biel claiming they do not have that in common. But with Seal’s badass rescue story and Biel’s action and horror acting experience, we can easily imagine them costarring in a biopic about the seal.

Jessica Biel was introduced to Jessica Seal in May 2022 by Jimmy Kimmel, which you can watch below. Biel says she would visit but had yet to be invited…

But a flipper was offered via the Vancouver Aquarium’s Twitter and Biel ended up accepting!

The clip also mentions the aquarium’s collection of rescue animals with celebrity-themed names, including Bradley Grouper, Fin Diesel, Pike Tyson, Tuna Fey, Shellen DeGeneres, Megan Mackerel, and Prince Herring.

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