Lil Sebastian the Mini Horse Reunites with the “Parks and Rec” cast at the Hollywood Strike

The SAG-AFTRA strike has seen countless actors and writers picketing outside studio offices in Los Angels for over 100 days now. Through this challenging time of actors and writers looking for fair pay and a living wage, many A-List celebrities have joined the picket line to show their support.

Parks and Rec cast with Lil Sebastian mini horse at the actors strike
Credit: @captaincupkicks/Twitter

Then on Sunday, the first Neigh-List celebrity (and first celebrity pet) made an appearance on the picket line: Lil Sebastian! Despite only a couple of brief appearances on Parks and Recreation, this miniature horse was an instant favorite among fans.

@rejectedjokes You know shit is getting serious when we have to bring Lil Sebastian to the picket line. #sagstrike #parksandrec ♬ Parks And Recreation – Main Theme – Geek Music

Lil Sebastian appeared in season 3, way back in 2011. With so many years between then and now, his appearance truly brought joy to the people striking and to Parks and Rec fans everywhere.

Aubrey Plaza was seen steadfast by Lil Sebastian’s side. Adam Scott and Ben Schwartz were there, with Ben Schwartz posting the video above on TikTok. Nick Offerman appeared alongside Sam Elliott, who memorably played his rival in the series.

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