Oscars 2024: Meet the Pets of the Winners!

Now that we know the answer to who won the 2024 Academy Awards, we can now ask a more important question – What pets do they have???

Oscars 2024 Meet the Pets of the Winners!

Emma Stone – Best Actress, Poor Things

Emma Stone won the Best Actress Oscar for her role as Bella Baxter in Poor Things. She currently doesn’t have a pet, but she did share a Golden Retriever with ex Andrew Garfield named Ren. Ren was a rescue from a high-kill shelter that they adopted in December 2012 and passed away in late 2020. He had been living with Stone’s brother for the later years in his life.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield rescue dog Ren
Credit: Emma Stone

And we have to mention Stone’s Frankenstein’d pet costars from Poor Things. While unnamed in the movie, they had behind-the-scenes names such as “gooseWillis,” the goose-bulldog hybrid seen below. The other unique creatures’ names include A Frenchie-chicken as “barkWahlberg,” a pig-chicken as “davidEggham,” a goose-basset hound as “gooseBumps,” a duck-goat a “billTheKid,” a pig-chicken as “davidEggham,” and a shaggy dog-duck a “siriusQuack.”

Cillian Murphy – Best Actor, Oppenheimer

Cillian Murphy won Best Actor (and Best Eyes) for Oppenheimer. He has a ginger cat and a black Labrador named Scout, who he mentions in interviews. However, as he doesn’t use social media, information and photos of his pets are scarce. But he’s spotted walking his dog around Dublin frequently enough that there’s a Tumblr dedicated to all the Tweets of people meeting him.

Cillian and Scout also made a rare public appearance in 2016 to show support for a pro-choice protest in Dublin.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph – Best Supporting Actress, The Holdovers

Da’Vine Joy Randolph won Best Supporting Actress. And at home, she has a cute lil Frenchie named Ella to support her.

DaVine Joy Randolph french bulldog
Credit: @davinejoy/Instagram

Robert Downey Jr. – Best Supporting Actor, Oppenheimer

Robert Downey Jr. took home his first Oscar. And at home, he has two rescue cats and an alpaca waiting for him!

Christopher Nolan – Best Director, Oppenheimer

Along with the win for Best Picture, Christopher Nolan won Best Director for Oppenheimer. His pets are a black German Shepherd and a brown Labrador.

And for the most hyped celebrity at the big event, check out: Dog actor Messi steals the show at the 2024 Academy Awards.

Dog Actor Messi Steals the Show at the Academy Awards
Credit: The Academy
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