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Melanie Zanetti does not have any reported pets.

Melanie Zanetti

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March 20, 1985 (39)

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Melanie Zanetti is an Australian actress and voice artist, known for her role as Chilli in the children’s television series “Bluey” and her performance in the film “Love and Monsters.”

Zanetti’s filmography includes “Battle of the Damned” (2013). She has appeared in television series such as “The Bureau of Magical Things” as Orla, and had guest roles in “Tracks” and “Harrow.” Her voice work is most notable in “Bluey,” where she voices a main character.

Throughout her career, Melanie Zanetti has collaborated with various actors. These include Dolph Lundgren in “Battle of the Damned,” Guy Pearce and Marta Dusseldorp in “Jack Irish,” and Michael C. Hall in “Safe.” In “Bluey,” she works closely with David McCormack, who voices Bandit, the father figure in the series.