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May 31, 1990 (34)


Bianca Belair

(2018 - )

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Montez Ford, whose real name is Kenneth Crawford, is an acclaimed American professional wrestler, celebrated for his charismatic performances and infectious energy in the wrestling ring. He is well-recognized for his partnership with Angelo Dawkins, forming the popular tag team known as ‘The Street Profits.’

After training with the American Alpha tag team in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT, Ford found his footing with the formation of The Street Profits. With Dawkins, Ford established a new standard for tag team wrestling, creating some of the most memorable moments in recent WWE history. Together, they captured the NXT Tag Team Championship and the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship, demonstrating their dynamic in-ring chemistry and outstanding athletic abilities.

Ford’s collaborations within and outside the wrestling ring have further cemented his status in the sports entertainment world. His partnerships include renowned wrestlers like Bianca Belair, his real-life wife and a WWE superstar, Dominik Mysterio, the son of legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio, and Seth Rollins, another celebrated WWE athlete. Collaborations extend beyond the wrestling fraternity to celebrities like Bad Bunny, the Grammy-winning musician who appeared at WrestleMania, and Snoop Dogg, who guest-starred on WWE programming. Ford’s alliances, rivalries, and collaborations have consistently kept him in the spotlight, contributing to memorable wrestling storylines and thrilling in-ring performances.

The awards and distinctions Montez Ford has earned are a testament to his wrestling prowess and showmanship. Notably, Ford and Dawkins, as The Street Profits, secured the NXT Tag Team Championship in 2019. Their vibrant energy and unique charisma garnered significant fan approval, leading to their win of the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship in 2020. That same year, the duo was honored with the Slammy Award for ‘Tag Team of the Year,’ highlighting their dominance in the tag team category.