Birds are becoming increasingly popular pets, and social media has a lot to do with it. From parrots to canaries, birds come in a vast array of shapes, colors, and personalities. Some birds have even amassed millions of followers! Some birds are just up to no good.


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Biss the Newfoundland and Olee the Duck Do Everything Together (Including Their Own Children’s Book!)

Also known as Sven the Newfoundland and Olaf the Duck, these unique BFFs delight their followers with their love and antics.

A Pigeon That Can’t Fly and a Puppy That Can’t Walk Became Best Friends

Herman the Pigeon went viral for his friendship with Lundy the Puppy - With Herman going on to foster more pups!

Chris Pratt Trades in Raptors for Chickens at His Family Farm

At his farm animal-filled Stillwater Ranch, Pratt enjoys the complete opposite vibe of Jurassic World.

Canine Painters Unite to Support the Tripawds Dog Art Auction

A pack of canine creatives collaborated to donate paintings they made to benefit the Tripawds Foundation, a charity that supports doggy amputees!

Achieve Zen Meditating With Salma Hayek and Her Owl

Let Salma Hayek and her rescued owl, Kering, help you achieve inner peace!

After Her Arrest Last Month, Molly the Magpie Is Finally Reunited With Her Dog BFF Peggy

After becoming a magpie influencer with millions of fans, Molly was seized by the authorities... But has thankfully been returned!

Lisa Vanderpump Gets a $500 “Mail Order Husband” for Her Lonely Duck

Lisa's duck was abandoned by her mate right after they had kids. And now that her kids have flown away, Lisa ordered her a new husband!

Celebrities and Fans Mourn the Death of Flaco the Famous Fugitive Owl of NYC

After escaping the Central Park Zoo one year ago, Flaco, an Eurasian owl, became a famous sight to see around New York City.

Forget Guard Dogs, This Brazilian Prison Uses Guard Geese Instead

If you've encountered geese, you probably (and quickly) found out they're very territorial. But did you know they've been used as guards since ancient Rome?

Meet Lola the Swan Influencer: From a Rescue To Living It Up Poolside

After being rescued as an orphan, Lola is now a rising swanfluencer on Instagram!