Birds are becoming increasingly popular pets, and social media has a lot to do with it. From parrots to canaries, birds come in a vast array of shapes, colors, and personalities. Some birds have even amassed millions of followers! Some birds are just up to no good.


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Celebrities and Fans Mourn the Death of Flaco the Famous Fugitive Owl of NYC

After escaping the Central Park Zoo one year ago, Flaco, an Eurasian owl, became a famous sight to see around New York City.

Forget Guard Dogs, This Brazilian Prison Uses Guard Geese Instead

If you've encountered geese, you probably (and quickly) found out they're very territorial. But did you know they've been used as guards since ancient Rome?

Meet Lola the Swan Influencer: From a Rescue To Living It Up Poolside

After being rescued as an orphan, Lola is now a rising swanfluencer on Instagram!

Finn the Quail Went Viral for His Cute Hat Collection (@fathenfarms)

Finn, already super cute to begin with, started collecting cute tiny hats. And as his hat collection grew, so did his cuteness - And his followers!

John Oliver’s Campaign Gets the ‘Puking’ Pūteketeke Bird Crowned ‘Bird of the Century’

For this year’s “Bird of the Year” competition in New Zealand, it would also decide the “Bird of the Century.” And while the annual competition usually only makes headlines in New Zealand where it’s based, John Oliver noticed voting was open internationally… A pair of Pūteketekes [Credit: Leanne Buchan Photography] Oliver took a liking to one of the underdogs called the pūteketeke (pronounced pūteketeke) and decided to launch a self-described “alarmingly aggressive” campaign backing the bird.

Two Penguin Perpetrators Get Arrested after Breaking into Sushi Stand Twice

Two fairy penguins' (more like FELONY penguins, if you ask me) sushi crime spree was brought to an end in New Zealand.

2023 MTV VMA Winners: Meet Their Celebrity Pets!

We take a tour of the proud pets of the 2023 MTV VMA winners - Including Taylor Swift, Shakira, Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey, Blackpink, and more!

21-Year-Old Peanut Is Officially the World’s Oldest Chicken

Peanut, the new world's oldest chicken, celebrated her 20th Hatch Day this year. Just four more until she becomes the oldest ever recorded!

Nino the Bull Terrier and Rillette the Goose Are Best Friends (Oh, And Also Georgette the Chicken)

Nino the Bull Terrier and Rillette the Guinea Goose are two unlikely friends living the good life in the French countryside. And also Georgette the Chicken, I guess.

Chicken Crosses the Road, Is Immediately Arrested by Scottish Police

And the public's tax dollars were wasted questioning "why the chicken crossed the road?" smh...