Birds are becoming increasingly popular pets, and social media has a lot to do with it. From parrots to canaries, birds come in a vast array of shapes, colors, and personalities. Some birds have even amassed millions of followers! Some birds are just up to no good.


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21-Year-Old Peanut Is Officially the World’s Oldest Chicken

Peanut, the new world's oldest chicken, celebrated her 20th Hatch Day this year. Just four more until she becomes the oldest ever recorded!

Nino the Bull Terrier and Rillette the Goose Are Best Friends (Oh, And Also Georgette the Chicken)

Nino the Bull Terrier and Rillette the Guinea Goose are two unlikely friends living the good life in the French countryside. And also Georgette the Chicken, I guess.

Chicken Crosses the Road, Is Immediately Arrested by Scottish Police

And the public's tax dollars were wasted questioning "why the chicken crossed the road?" smh...

Loki the Raven May Look Like a Tough Guy, but He’s Really a Love Bird

Loki the rescued Raven looks like a big badass crow, but on the inside, he's really a love bird!

The 65-Year-Long Story of Petros, the Celebrity Pelican of Mykonos Greece

You may have seen viral videos of a pelican cruising through restaurants like a feathered maître d'... But did you know he's part of a decades-long legacy?

Penguin Picasso: Meet Marley the Rockhopper Penguin that Paints

Marley the Penguin picked up painting as an enrichment activity, with sales going to support him and his penguin crew.

Barbie Movie 2023: Meet the Pets of the Cast!

Meet all the fur babies of the celebrity cast from the new Barbie movie! (Including Weird Barbie's "Tanner the Poop-Eating Dog")

Winston Gull Is the Only Seagull Influencer You Need To Follow

Ok, to start off, Winston is the only seagull influencer we know of, so he currently tops our list of seagull influencers. Credit: @winston_gull/Instagram And he’s not technically a seagull, he’s a herring gull, which is essentially a slightly thicker seagull. But regardless of his competition or his gull specifics, his sassy attitude and antics are definitely worth a follow! @winston_gull Anyone else here has a weird pet? #petsoftiktok #cute #birdsoftiktok #seagull #bird #birds #dogsofttiktok #puppy #abstractart #pet #birbs #gaviota I dont have a normal pet – Alto Key Winston isn’t an official pet, but more of an unwelcomed-turned-welcomed guest at this human’s seaside home.

The Life of Carl the Crane and His Dino-Bird Family

If you follow one cranefluencer this year, make it Carl and his gang of Sandhill Cranes in Florida!

The Story of Jotto and Pea: The Baby Elephant and Ostrich Orphans That Became Best Friends

Jotto the baby elephant and Pea the baby ostrich both lost their moms, but they were lucky to find each other!