Lisa Vanderpump Gets a $500 “Mail Order Husband” for Her Lonely Duck

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Lisa Vanderpump revealed she played matchmaker for her single lady duck. (And also our apologies for using a photo of her swan Hanky for the article image, she has yet to post her duck’s dating profile photo)

When the WSJ asked what she likes to indulge in, she said chocolate, shopping, and travel. She also mentioned animals and shared her pet duck’s Vanderpump Rules-worthy drama:

We had a mallard duck come to [my home] Villa Rosa with her husband. I have swans at Villa Rosa and little horses and seven dogs. This duck gave birth to little ducklings, it was so sweet, and the husband just buggered off, just left her. And there she was, as a mommy duck. And it was really a lovely experience for us. We would see them every day and protect them from owls, and you hear these statistics of how they’ll die because they get taken. And they were all perfect, and then they all left her.

Lisa Vanderpump, WSJ, April 2024

With her duck’s kids all grown up, Vanderpump worried she’d be lonely. So she goes on to say she discussed with her husband Ken getting her duck a mail-order husband and found out it would cost around $500. She then said, “And I’m thinking, ‘Are we the only people on the planet that would get a mail-order duck just so this stray duck is happy?’ Yeah, that’s us.”

To meet the rest of her menagerie, head over to Lisa Vanderpump’s Pets.

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