Prepare to paw-se for a moment and take a “hiss-torical” journey with our Pets in History section. Forget Cleopatra and Napoleon; we’re digging up the real power players, like the royal dogs that actually ran the palace or the cats that may have out-schemed Machiavelli. From ancient Egyptian felines worshipped as gods to World War II hero pups, we’re shining a light (or should we say, a laser pointer?) on the unsung fur-heroes who’ve shaped the world as we know it. Dive into “tails” of political intrigue, romance, and yes, the occasional dumpster dive, all featuring the four-legged companions who were the real MVPs—Most Valuable Pets. It’s the history lesson you wish you had in school, minus the snooze factor. Get ready for a wag-nificent time-travel experience!

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The Story of Homer the Beagle: The NY Mets’ First Mascot and the Only MLB Animal Mascot

After one tumultuous season, Homer the Beagle was fired. But his legacy as the only real animal to be a Major League Baseball mascot lives on.

The Story of P.H. Vazak: The Only Dog To Be Nominated for an Academy Award

You'd probably guess this good boy's acting performance got him an Oscar nod? Nope, it was for Best Adapted Screenplay!

Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog, Being Investigated for Fraud (Confirmed)

Guinness World Records later confirmed that they have stripped the late good boy of his title.

Dog Goes Out for a Pee, Ends up Finishing 7th in a Half-Marathon

Ludivine the Bloodhound was given a medal for her effort and then they renamed the half-marathon after her!

Disneyland Employs a Rodent-Hunting Army of 200 Feral Cats

While this article title may sound like part of one of Disney's selection of traumatizing 1980s kids movies, Disneyland actually employs a colony of approximately 200 rodent-hunting cats.

The Furever Tree: A Pet Memorial Christmas Tree Hidden in New York’s Central Park

In a secret tradition dating back to the 1980s, for every Christmas, a tree in Central Park is decorated with memorials to deceased pets.

Running with Legends: The Life and Times of Secretariat

Ah, Secretariat! The name alone conjures up images of a horse so magnificent, he might as well have had wings. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to witness a living legend, then you should’ve been around in the early ’70s when Secretariat was galloping his way into history books and hearts alike.

Doggo Day: The Kukur Tihar Is an Annual Hindu Festival That Celebrates Dogs

Kukur Tihar is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates dogs - From pampered pooches to working dogs to strays!

The History of the Oldest Pet Cemetery: Built Over 100 Years Ago in Paris, France

Built in a suburb of Paris in 1899, the "Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques" is considered the first official pet cemetery and is still open today.

The Final Bark: World’s Oldest Dog, Bobi, Crosses the Rainbow Bridge at 31

The quaint village of Conqueiros in Portugal witnessed a heart-tugging farewell as Bobi, the world’s oldest dog ever, took his last breath on 20 October, aged 31 years and 165 days. The news left not only his devoted owner Leonel Costa but also the global canine-loving community in a somber mood. Last night, this sweet boy earned his wings.