Prepare to paw-se for a moment and take a “hiss-torical” journey with our Pets in History section. Forget Cleopatra and Napoleon; we’re digging up the real power players, like the royal dogs that actually ran the palace or the cats that may have out-schemed Machiavelli. From ancient Egyptian felines worshipped as gods to World War II hero pups, we’re shining a light (or should we say, a laser pointer?) on the unsung fur-heroes who’ve shaped the world as we know it. Dive into “tails” of political intrigue, romance, and yes, the occasional dumpster dive, all featuring the four-legged companions who were the real MVPs—Most Valuable Pets. It’s the history lesson you wish you had in school, minus the snooze factor. Get ready for a wag-nificent time-travel experience!

Pets in History

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9/11 Hero: Roselle the Guide Dog Who Saved Her Blind Owner and Many Others From the Collapsing Twin Towers on September 11th

Despite the smoke and chaos around her, Roselle kept calm and led a group of 30 people down 78 floors for over an hour before reaching safety!

21-Year-Old Peanut Is Officially the World’s Oldest Chicken

Peanut, the new world's oldest chicken, celebrated her 20th Hatch Day this year. Just four more until she becomes the oldest ever recorded!

Throwback to that California Alligator Farm Where Kids Could Play With Gators

Did you know for over 50 years, an alligator farm in Los Angeles where you and your kids could play and picnic with them?

The Real Snoopy: Charles Schulz’s Root Beer-Drinking Dog Named Spike

Just like Snoopy, "peanuts" creator Charles Schulz's real-life dog also loved drinking root beer!

Cheems Balltze, the Shiba Inu and Viral Meme Doge, Passed Away During Surgery

Cheems was an adopted Shiba Inu and one of the most well-known viral "doge" memes of all time. He sadly passed away during surgery after a battle with cancer.

The World’s Oldest Fish, Hanako the Koi, lived for 226 years

It was estimated that Hanako was born in 1751 before passing away after her 226th birthday in 1977!

The 65-Year-Long Story of Petros, the Celebrity Pelican of Mykonos Greece

You may have seen viral videos of a pelican cruising through restaurants like a feathered maître d'... But did you know he's part of a decades-long legacy?

How Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog Set A Guinness World Record

Yes, there are plenty of skateboarding doggos out there. But this special guy managed to pull off a Guinness World Record!

Meet Barney, the Bad Dog Behind the 2006 $1.3 Million Teddy Bear Museum Massacre

Barney, a 6-year veteran security guard, suddenly went on a rampage that destroyed $1.3 million of collectible teddy bears, including one owned by Elvis!

The Story of Herman the Coast Guard Cat and “Expert Mouser” Who Had His Own Passport

Herman was a U.S. coast guard in the 1940s who was in charge of rodent extermination. He was also a cat.