Prepare to paw-se for a moment and take a “hiss-torical” journey with our Pets in History section. Forget Cleopatra and Napoleon; we’re digging up the real power players, like the royal dogs that actually ran the palace or the cats that may have out-schemed Machiavelli. From ancient Egyptian felines worshipped as gods to World War II hero pups, we’re shining a light (or should we say, a laser pointer?) on the unsung fur-heroes who’ve shaped the world as we know it. Dive into “tails” of political intrigue, romance, and yes, the occasional dumpster dive, all featuring the four-legged companions who were the real MVPs—Most Valuable Pets. It’s the history lesson you wish you had in school, minus the snooze factor. Get ready for a wag-nificent time-travel experience!

Pets in History

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The Final Bark: World’s Oldest Dog, Bobi, Crosses the Rainbow Bridge at 31

The quaint village of Conqueiros in Portugal witnessed a heart-tugging farewell as Bobi, the world’s oldest dog ever, took his last breath on 20 October, aged 31 years and 165 days. The news left not only his devoted owner Leonel Costa but also the global canine-loving community in a somber mood. Last night, this sweet boy earned his wings.

Oscar the Therapy Cat Predicted 100 Deaths and Inspired Stephen King

While sounding fit for Halloween, this true story is less spooky and more about compassion and caregiving.

Beloved Pets Ofrenda: L.A. Zoo Letting Guests Honor Past Pets in Observance of Día de los Muertos

For a 3rd year, L.A. Zoo guests can leave tributes to their deceased furry family members with photos, art, and other mementos.

The Story of Moose, the Rescue Dog Who Played Eddie on “Frasier” – From Abandoned to Millionaire and Fan Favorite

After a troubled youth, Moose started his acting career late in life. And ended up becoming one of the most iconic canine actors of all time!

Guinness World Record Set by Over 200 Dogs Attending a Screening of Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie

219 dogs (and their human families) enjoyed a screening of the new Paw Patrol movie, which set a new Guinness World Record!

These Ancient Roman Ruins Are Now a Cat Sanctuary

Are you always thinking about the Roman Empire? And/or cats? Then we have the article for you!

World’s Tallest Dog, Zeus the Great Dane, Has Tragically Passed Away From Cancer at Age Three

After being crowned the World's Tallest dog by Guinness World Records last year, Zeus the Great Dane has crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a battle with cancer.

9/11 Hero: Roselle the Guide Dog Who Saved Her Blind Owner and Many Others From the Collapsing Twin Towers on September 11th

Despite the smoke and chaos around her, Roselle kept calm and led a group of 30 people down 78 floors for over an hour before reaching safety!

21-Year-Old Peanut Is Officially the World’s Oldest Chicken

Peanut, the new world's oldest chicken, celebrated her 20th Hatch Day this year. Just four more until she becomes the oldest ever recorded!

Throwback to that California Alligator Farm Where Kids Could Play With Gators

Did you know for over 50 years, an alligator farm in Los Angeles where you and your kids could play and picnic with them?