After 5 Attempts, Wild Thang Finally Wins the ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ Contest

Need some motivation to not give up on your dreams? This determined doggo lost four years in a row before achieving theirs! Named Wild Thang, this proud pup competed in the last four World’s Ugliest Dog Contest and came in 2nd place the last two years. He never let defeat keep him down and kept reaching for his dream… And was just crowned the 2024 winner!

After 5 Attempts Wild Thang Finally Wins the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest
Credit: Wild Thang/World’s Ugliest Dog Contest

Wild Thang – Peekingese – 1st Place Winner

Wild Thang is an 8-year-old Pekingese raised in L.A. but recently retired to Oregon. When he was a puppy, he contracted distemper from a rescue foster. The foster didn’t survive, but Wild Thing just barely pulled through. He lived, but with permanent damage, including his teeth never growing in – Which gave him his signature tongue-always-out look. (He’s generally healthy otherwise) He uses his platform to advocate for pet vaccination and also helped 7 Pekingese safely evacuate Ukraine and find homes in the States and Canada. You can follow him on Instagram at @wildthangofficial.

Wild Thang 2024 World's Ugliest Dog Contest 1st place winner
Credit: World’s Ugliest Dog Contest

Rome – Pug – 2nd Place and People’s Choice Winner

Rome, a 14-year-young pug, competed for the first time and won 2nd place and People’s Choice! he gives back to his community as part of the 2023 Wheeling Pug Relay team to raise funds for dogs in need of wheelchairs. He also visits hospice patients and educates children about adopting senior rescue pets. After his human sadly had difficult circumstances, he’s since resided at The Pug Hotel in California. There he enjoys the retired life with a pack of other senior pugs – Who will have to put up with him bragging about his win until next summer…

Rome 2024 World's Ugliest Dog Contest 2nd place winner
Credit: World’s Ugliest Dog Contest

Daisy Mae – Mixed Breed – 3rd Place Winner

Daisy Mae, a 14-ish-year-old mutt took home 3rd place. She was born a street dog and lived a ruff life until being rescued at two years old. (The rumor was she actually was part of a street cat gang) She’s since lost hair, teeth, and her vision – But hasn’t lost her positive attitude, confidence, and spunk!

Daisy Mae 2024 World's Ugliest Dog Contest 3rd place winner
Credit: World’s Ugliest Dog Contest

Here’s Wild Thang going for Cameron Diaz’s Something About Mary look.

Here’s one proud pup sharing how he helped find homes for fellow Pekingneses in need.

And here’s Wild Thang flaunting his beach bod.

Throwback to his 2nd place win in 2022.

And Wild Thang keeping the squirrels of Dreamland in check.

Wild Thang with her proud pawrent.

Wild Thang was also interviewed on the Today Show!

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Meet Peggy aka Dogpool Ryan Reynold's Canine Costar in Deadpool and Wolverine
Credit: @ryanreynolds/Instagram
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