A Cutie Named Stewie: The Punk Tripawd Chihuahua Turned Philanthropist

At almost 8 years old, Stewie has had a rollercoaster of a life so far… And he’s just getting started! After Stewie and his mom, Breck, organized an amazing rescue fundraiser event in February, they were so inspired they launched their own charity. But first, let’s take it back to the beginning.

A Cutie Named Stewie The Punk Tripawd Chihuahua Turned Philanthropist
Credit: @acutienamedstewie/Facebook

2020 was very tough for Stewie’s soon-to-be mom, Breck. She had three rescues, but lost her two senior dogs in the same month. Then in January 2021, she decided to open her heart again to another rescue and spotted a tiny tripawd pup. He was a 5-year-old chihuahua named Stewie in foster care after recently having his leg amputated. He was attacked by another dog of his previous owner, who couldn’t afford his medical care – Which sadly led to Stewie losing his leg and his home.

While he’s had major trauma and hardships, he never gave up his positive punk rock attitude! Despite his attack, he still loves humans and doggos.

But he’s no push over and lets them know his boundaries.

He also effortlessly launched a fashion influencer career.

And his amputation has barely slowed him down! (proof below if needed)

Stewie is also quite the socialite. You can often spot him at dog-friendly bars and cafes. And you can definitely spot him at any events supporting pet rescues and charities he can make it to!

Stewie’s love of partying and advocating for pets led to him and his mom organizing their first adoption event: Plenty of Paws

The event was clearly a hit, with more to come…

And after the success for their first event, Stewie and his mom were so inspired they launched their own charity named after him! Its mission will benefit rescue and shelter pups and their rehabilitation needs.

To see what adventures and charitable events this philanthropist pup gets up to (or in-person if you’re in the Tampa Bay area), follow @acutienamedstewie on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. And make sure to follow Stewie’s charity at @acutienamedstewieinc.nonprofit!

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