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Elley Duhé does not have any reported pets.

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February 14, 1992 (32)

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Elley Duhé is an American singer and songwriter known for her distinctive voice and emotive music, which blends elements of pop, electronic, and indie music. She gained prominence with her single “Fly,” and her collaboration on the track “Happy Now” with Zedd further elevated her status in the music industry.

Duhé’s career began to gain traction with the release of her debut single “Immortal” in 2016, quickly followed by other successful tracks such as “Millennium” and “Lost My Mind.” The release of her EP “Dragon Mentality” showcased her versatility as an artist, blending powerful vocals with compelling storytelling.

Throughout her career, Elley Duhé has collaborated with several notable producers and artists, enhancing her musical repertoire and reach. Collaborations with Zedd on “Happy Now” and Gryffin on “Tie Me Down” have been particularly impactful. Working with artists such as Illenium and producers like Denis Kosiak, Duhé has explored various musical landscapes.