Pets have been working alongside their humans for centuries, but recently have they begun to make a name for themselves. From movies and guest appearances to full-fledged jobs, pets are becoming more and more successful every day. The days of leaving our pets at home are over.

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Alvin the Mini Horse Guinness World Record holder: The power of positivity

Alvin is a mini horse holding the Guinness World Record for The Fastest 5m on hind legs by a horse in 16.70 seconds. He may not look like it, but Alvin is also a bit of a celebrity on social media too, with hundreds of thousands of followers. Introducing Alvin is a mini horse, Guinness World Record holder @playlovelearn Alvin is now a Guinness World Record holder 🏆 See our full announcement video on Instagram for more information about his world record! 🥰 #superponyalvin ♬ original sound – playlovelearn What’s the key to Alvin’s success?

An otter and two pandas praised for predicting World Cup 2022 match winners

Taiyo the otter and giant pandas Thuraya and Suhail have successfully predicted several FIFA World Cup matches.

Officer Magic: A Mini Therapy Horse Joins The Force (video)

When you think of police horses, you probably think large and in charge. Officer Magic tries the opposite approach to help his community.

Truffles The Kitty: Helping Kids feel Comfortable about their Glasses

Truffles the Kitty is a rescue cat with an interesting job–helping kids feel comfortable about their glasses. As a little kitten, her mom, Danielle Crull, thought it would be a cute trick for Truffles to wear fun frames. Danielle Crull also happens to be an optician so securing unique frames was no hassle.

Teddy The Shetland is a Pony with Fur All Over and a Calming Presence

Teddy the Shetland is a pony with fur all over and a calming presence. He was adopted by Alice Goring, of Surrey, England, who got Teddy as a companion for her other horses. Alice is an event rider and Teddy was a calming presence for her larger cousins.

Meet Magnus, The Therapy Dog Who’s Bringing Joy To The Terminally Ill

Meet Magnus The Therapy Dog! He’s been bringing joy to terminally ill patients for years. His owner, Brian Benson, has started an online account for “virtual” therapy to help people smile and cope with the pandemic.

Meet Reas the Whippet, America’s fastest dog!

After coming in first last year, Reas the Whippet successfully defended his title after winning the Fast CAT competition at the 2022 Fastest Dogs USA. And Reas wasn’t born and star and actually started from the bottom. He was the last puppy to find a human after his four siblings four years ago.

Doug The Pug Releasing a Picture Book “Doug the Pug and the Kindness Crew”

The world is about to get a little bit brighter this October 18, 2022 with a special release by Doug The Pug. He’s releasing his next eBook titled “Doug the Pug and the Kindness Crew”. This isn’t the first release by the popular pup.

Paris Hilton and her dog Dolce model Hello Kitty for New York Fashion Week

Paris Hilton, an icon for her love of fashion and pets, recently modelled at New York Fashion Week. And she hit the catwalk wearing Hello Kitty, which she has been a long-time fan of. Dolce, one of her four chihuahuas, was by her side modelling a tiny yellow dress.

Dolly Parton launches perfectly named dog accessories brand “Doggy Parton”

Dolly Parton, legendary for both her music and her love of dogs, has launched her own dog accessories brand perfectly named “Doggy Parton”. A collaboration between her and her French bulldog Billy the kid (aka @BTKthefrenchie). The main highlights of the brand are some proceeds will go to the Willa B.