Pets have been working alongside their humans for centuries, but recently have they begun to make a name for themselves. From movies and guest appearances to full-fledged jobs, pets are becoming more and more successful every day. The days of leaving our pets at home are over.

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Norman Reedus Mourns Loss of His Canine Costar From ‘The Walking Dead’

Playing his iconic role as "Daryl" on "The Walking Dead," Reedus formed a strong friendship with his doggy costar "Seven".

Meet the Canine Actors Who Won at the 2024 Palm Dog Awards!

Two incredible leading canine performances took home the top prizes at the doggy equivalent of the Cannes Film Festival

The Story of ‘Dog,’ the Rescued Blue Heeler in ‘Mad Max 2′

On top of his incredible post-apocalyptic performance in Mad Max 2, "Dog" had an intense life behind the scenes!

Interview With Canine Actor Darby From the ‘Fallout’ TV Series

We had a quick sit down with canine actor Darby, who starred alongside Walton Goggins in the hit Amazon Prime series, "Fallout".

“Dog On Trial” with Rescued Canine Actor, Kodi, to Premiere at Cannes Film Festival

Street dog-turned-actor Kodi will play "Cosmos," a dog at the center of a film inspired by real trials that involved the lawful rights and responsibilities of dogs.

Canine Actor Messi Is the First Celebrity To Hit the Red Carpet at the Cannes Film Festival

The award-winning canine actor landed his first reality TV show deal, which will see him interview human actors at Cannes.

Forget the Met Gala, the First PET GALA Will Take Place in NYC on May 20th

The doggy tribute to the Met Gala will see a red carpet walked by canines in custom couture!

Lupita Nyong’O and Her Kitty Costar, Schnitzel, Hit the Red Carpet to Promote ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’

It's always great to see an animal actor sharing the spotlight with their human castmates!

Meet Salsa, Rescue Dog and Star of the Movie ‘Space Pups’

Salsa is a rescued Chiweenie with an acting career that's out of this world!

After Going Viral at the Oscars, Dog Actor Messi Lands His Own Reality TV Show

Messi will be interviewing human celebrities at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival!