Pets have been working alongside their humans for centuries, but recently have they begun to make a name for themselves. From movies and guest appearances to full-fledged jobs, pets are becoming more and more successful every day. The days of leaving our pets at home are over.

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Doggo Dripping: K-9 Officer rocking $65K in confiscated jewelry from drug bust

Tonya, a K-9 Police Officer and very good girl, got her new profile pic thanks to her hard work for the Gretna Police Department in Louisiana. As an essential member of their Major Crimes Task Force, she helped seize 100 pounds of illegal cannabis and other drugs. To celebrate Tony’s good job, they iced her out with a $50,000 diamond Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch and a $15,000 Cuban links pendant necklace.

Josh the Doodle – Raising Awareness for Special Needs Dogs

Meet Josh the Doodle. He is a rescued Goldendoodle with severe cerebellar hypoplasia and it’s not holding him back from making the world a better place. The Arizona four legged activist has been raising awareness for special needs dogs with his 300,000 followers and the Be Like Josh Foundation.

Laurie Zaleski Rescues Over 600 Animals After Escaping Domestic Violence

Based out of Mays Landing, N.J., Laurie Zaleski is the founder of Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, a nonprofit animal rescue. ” Funny Farm” cares for more than 600 residents from chickens in diapers to three legged donkeys. And even though Zaleski is overseeing one of the largest animal rescues in the Northeast, she still found time to pen her inspirational memoir, Funny Farm, which was published this spring.

Great Dane Named The Tallest Live Male Dog By Guinness World Records

Just last month TobyKeith was named the oldest living dog in the world. This month, Zeus, a Great Dane, takes the title of “the tallest live male dog” by the Guinness World Records. ” Zeus has absolutely changed our family,” Brittany Davis told Guinness World Records about Zeus, who is 3 feet and 5.18 inches tall standing on all four paws.

TobyKeith – The Oldest Living Dog in the World by Guinness World Records

TobyKeith has been officially titled the oldest living dog in the world according to the Guinness World Records. He is a small Chihuahua from Greenacres, Florida at the age of 21. Guinness World Records verified and confirmed TobyKeith’s title on March 16, when the dog was 21 years and 66 days old.

Mr. Goxx, famed crypto investor and hamster, has passed away

Mr. Goxx, also known as Max, is a hamster that quickly rose to fame in the summer of 2021 thanks to his cryptocurrency trading skills. He made headlines in September for his crypto portfolio gaining 24% in one day, which outperformed Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and the S&P 500.

World’s richest dog, Gunther VI, selling Madonna’s former Miami mansion for $32 million

His grandfather, Gunther IV, bought the mansion from Madonna in 2000 for $7.5 million.

Dog Enjoys Entire Air India Business Class Cabin For Private Flight

A dog ended up on a luxury flight on Air India after her owner booked an entire business class cabin for her dog from Mumbai to Chennai on Sept 15. A woman from Mumbai boarded the flight from Mumbai to Chennai with her pet named “Bela” and her servant. She reportedly spent around ₹2.5 lakh (Approximately $28,000 USD for all 12 seats) on the trip.

Mars Petcare and Hilton Hotels Team for New Pet-Friendly Hotels

All Hilton, Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites, will be pet friend by January 1, 2022 as part of a partnership between Mars Petcare and Hilton Hotels. Thinking about traveling with your pet? Well check out these hotels first.

Cesar Millan advises pet owners not to get emotional when looking for a dog

The Covid-19 pandemic caused people to be stuck at home and it has lead to the great pet adoption of 2020-2021. If you’ve been looking for a new companion, chances are you have been asked to pay high prices or join long wait lists. Unfortunately, this has also lead to many pet friends getting abandoned.