Pets have been working alongside their humans for centuries, but recently have they begun to make a name for themselves. From movies and guest appearances to full-fledged jobs, pets are becoming more and more successful every day. The days of leaving our pets at home are over.

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Proteo the Heroic Rescue Dog Passes Away after Saving Turkey Earthquake Victims

Veteran rescue dog Proteo helped save many lives on his final mission. Now his heroic story continues to inspire the rescue efforts still underway in Turkey and Syria.

King of Kaszubska: Gacek The Chonky Feline Becomes Polish City’s Highest-Rated Attraction

Gacek is as popular as he is chonky... If you can believe it, this cat weighs 25 lbs and is also the best-rated business on Google Maps in his city with over 5000 reviews.

Half Unicorn, Half Poodle? Interview with Zoe from Muse Dog Spa

Remember when Starbucks launched the Unicorn Frap, the magically colorful frappuccino that took over Instagram? Separated at Birth? Well, it looks like it’s been reincarnated as a dog named Zoe.

German Dog Trainer Earns Guinness World Record for Most Dogs in a Conga Line in 2023

Wolfgang Lauenburger, a German dog trainer from Stuckenbrock, just made history by setting an incredible world record of most dogs in a conga line! On the month of August 2022, Wolfgang successfully coaxed his 14 furry and loyal companions to do the impressive dance formation. The awe-inspiring video was released by Guinness World Records via Twitter, showing Wolfgang’s achievement.

Remembering Seabiscuit the Racehorse and His Legacy in Pop Culture

Seabiscuit was an American racehorse and one of the original rags to riches stories. He lived from May 23, 1933, to May 17, 1947, and his captivating tale of resilience and courage is still told today! This incredible American racehorse won 33 races despite being considered an undersized and underbred horse.

Cooking with Badger – A classically trained chef and golden retriever

Badger is a pawsonal chef and rising social media star, thanks to his culinary skills and cooking videos.

The jet-set life of Chester – Penguin and professional actor

Chester is a penguin that can fly. Fly private, that is. And he's just wrapped filming his first starring role in Italy. NBD.

Koda The Fluff is a Therapy Dog Hugging it Out One Person at a Time

Koda The Fluff is rolling in with a mission to bring happiness. The pint-sized fluff is accomplishing massive dreams, influencing for the better, and looking sleek in her red convertible while doing it. As a founding member of the non-profit organization Smiles Fur Miles, Inc., Koda is much more than your typical therapy dog.

Alvin the Mini Horse Guinness World Record holder: The power of positivity

Alvin is a mini horse holding the Guinness World Record for The Fastest 5m on hind legs by a horse in 16.70 seconds. He may not look like it, but Alvin is also a bit of a celebrity on social media too, with hundreds of thousands of followers. Introducing Alvin the mini horse – Guinness World Record holder @playlovelearn Alvin is now a Guinness World Record holder 🏆 See our full announcement video on Instagram for more information about his world record! 🥰 #superponyalvin ♬ original sound – playlovelearn What’s the key to Alvin’s success?

An otter and two pandas praised for predicting World Cup 2022 match winners

Taiyo the otter and giant pandas Thuraya and Suhail have successfully predicted several FIFA World Cup matches.