Super Moodel: This Highland Cow Is So Stunning She Was Featured in Vogue Italia

On Instagram I saw a screenshot of a Tweet saying, “i met a cow that was featured in vogue italia today which sounds like a fake made up sentence but i promise its true” – Sounding perfect for Celebrity Pets, I tracked it down.

It included a photo of a glorious gal named Sorcha Ruadh II of Craigowmill. She’s a Scottish Highland cow, a photogenic breed of cattle that show off eye-catching, reddish-blonde locks, an eye-hiding fringe hairstyle for an air of mystery, along with a curvy set of horns. And Sorcha just happens to be extra captivating within her cow community.

@andy_highlander Super Moodels.. Considering it’s #Coosday I thought it would only be right to bring you another clip from my day at @Kitchen Coos & Ewes It was actually Sorcha’s 20th birthday on Easter Sunday (this was filmed in February) so go and wish her a happy birthday in the comments! @judymurray @vogueitalia #highlandertours #scotland #scottish #scottishhistory #outlander #kilt #meninkilts #visitscotland #scottishhighlands #highlander #jacobite #greatkilt #highlandcow #highlandcows #coosday #highlandcoo #kitchenewesandcoos ♬ Under Giant Trees – Agnes Obel

Now 21, Sorcha is apparently retired but haven’t confirmed if that’s from being a cow and/or supermodel. (Or maybe she had a day job since part-time modeling didn’t cover the bills?)

Anyways, her good looks were captivating enough she was featured on Vogue Italia.

And like how Brazil is famed for its supermodels, we can bet that Scotland is the equivalent for beautiful cows – As there’s actually another supermodel on the same farm! After Judy Murray (mom of pro tennis player Andy Murray) tweeted a photo of this platinum blond cow named Eve – Which got her featured in Hello Magazine!

From comments on these cows, photos just don’t do them justice compared to seeing them in person. So you want to personally meet a couple of Scottish supermoodels, Kitchen Coos and Ewes will hook you up!

For another beautiful bovine, see our article on Merlin, the TikTok famous pig who rescued a baby cow from an abusive petting zoo.

Merlin the Pig and Moo the rescued baby cow
Credit: @merlinthepig/Instagram
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