Get Your Daily Horoscope From Horace the Blind Rescue Pup

Horace the blind rescue pup is growing a legion of followers thanks to his daily HORACEscope. We all know dogs can sense and feel things us mere humans cannot.

Get Your Daily Horoscope From Horace the Blind Rescue Pup
Credit: @horaceandfriendss/Instagram

Also being blind, he’s mastered the art of sensing energy, making him the perfect pup to read your horoscope!

Horace was born blind so he had his eyes removed. He was adopted as a puppy, but he was returned after 6 months for being aggressive and was going to be put down. The vet refused and helped Horace find another home, where he lived until he was two and a half. But he was again put up for adoption due to being too aggressive.

That’s when the stars aligned and he found his furever home. His new mom said Horace has several scars, so she guessed he must have experienced trauma and got in fights with other dogs. So he is still scared of other dogs. But he’s a softie at heart!

And while he’s not a fan of other canines, this mystical mutt is very friendly with his snake roommates!


DO NOT DO THIS WITH YOUR DOG AND SNAKE! Their encounters are seconds long, supervised, and only to teach Horace that snakes are friends not food

♬ original sound – Mayruh

His mom also wants to remind anyone watching not to try to imitate this with their dog and a snake. These are brief supervised cuddles to ensure they get along and so Horace doesn’t consider the snakes a snack

You can follow Horace at @horaceandfriendss on Instagram and TikTok. And Horace also does personal horoscope readings if you’re interested. And by getting your HORACEscope read, you’re also supporting him as he has epilepsy and needs daily medication.

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