Horses have been known to be some of the best and most faithful companions a person can have. They are intelligent animals that remembers when they create a true bond. Helpful in every way, horses have accomplished extraordinary things with their owners.


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Join Vesku, the World’s First Reindeer Influencer, for Hiking, Swimming, and Yoga

Born an orphan, Vesku is now a successful influencer, actor, and professional wilderness advocate in his native Finland!

Small Town Horses in the Big City: Meet Oreo and Ember the Mini Horses

These two mini horses love their daily walks - And so does everyone who's lucky enough to meet them!

Planning To Disconnect While on Vacation? Then Let These Horses Reply to Your Work Emails (Seriously)

"Outhorse Your Email" is a real service that has trained horses type an away message for your email, courtesy of Visit Iceland.

Running with Legends: The Life and Times of Secretariat

Ah, Secretariat! The name alone conjures up images of a horse so magnificent, he might as well have had wings. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to witness a living legend, then you should’ve been around in the early ’70s when Secretariat was galloping his way into history books and hearts alike.

Meet Munchkin, Mayo Clinic’s First Mini Therapy Horse

The Mayo Clinic showed off an adorable addition to their therapy animal team: Munchkin the miniature horse!

‘Horse of a Lifetime’ – Kaley Cuoco Shares Tribute to Her Show Horse Bella Who Passed Away

Kaley Cuoco had to say goodbye to Bella, her beloved showhorse that she rode competitively since 2016.

Lil Sebastian the Mini Horse Reunites with the “Parks and Rec” cast at the Hollywood Strike

Fan favorite Lil Sebastian makes a rare appearance alongside Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scot, Nick Offerman, Ben Schwartz, and more of the "Parks and Rec" cast at the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Jingang the Lazy Horse Plays Dead to Avoid Work

Jingang, now dubbed “The Lazy Horse”, has clearly had enough of his job and has joined the “quiet quitting” trend: Instead of just taking off to greener pastures, he’s sticking around but purposefully doing a terrible job. So he just lies down whenever someone tries to ride him. Credit: Kritter Klub/YouTube His employer says it’s cute but naughty.

Oscars 2023: Meet the Nominees’ Celebrity Pets!

As we wait to see who takes home a golden statue, let's take a look at what cute pets they have at home.

Remembering Seabiscuit the Racehorse and His Legacy in Pop Culture

Seabiscuit was an American racehorse and one of the original rags to riches stories. He lived from May 23, 1933, to May 17, 1947, and his captivating tale of resilience and courage is still told today! This incredible American racehorse won 33 races despite being considered an undersized and underbred horse.