Horses have been known to be some of the best and most faithful companions a person can have. They are intelligent animals that remembers when they create a true bond. Helpful in every way, horses have accomplished extraordinary things with their owners.


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Jingang the Lazy Horse Plays Dead to Avoid Work

Jingang, now dubbed “The Lazy Horse”, has clearly had enough of his job and has joined the “quiet quitting” trend: Instead of just taking off to greener pastures, he’s sticking around but purposefully doing a terrible job. So he just lies down whenever someone tries to ride him. Credit: Kritter Klub/YouTube His employer says it’s cute but naughty.

Oscars 2023: Meet the Nominees’ Celebrity Pets!

As we wait to see who takes home a golden statue, let's take a look at what cute pets they have at home.

Remembering Seabiscuit the Racehorse and His Legacy in Pop Culture

Seabiscuit was an American racehorse and one of the original rags to riches stories. He lived from May 23, 1933, to May 17, 1947, and his captivating tale of resilience and courage is still told today! This incredible American racehorse won 33 races despite being considered an undersized and underbred horse.

Forget cats and dogs, Air Canada has planes just for horses

And Air Canada essentially has a first-class lounge for horses at their Toronto hub.

Alvin the Mini Horse Guinness World Record holder: The power of positivity

Alvin is a mini horse holding the Guinness World Record for The Fastest 5m on hind legs by a horse in 16.70 seconds. He may not look like it, but Alvin is also a bit of a celebrity on social media too, with hundreds of thousands of followers. Introducing Alvin the mini horse – Guinness World Record holder @playlovelearn Alvin is now a Guinness World Record holder 🏆 See our full announcement video on Instagram for more information about his world record! 🥰 #superponyalvin ♬ original sound – playlovelearn What’s the key to Alvin’s success?

Kendall Jenner is expecting her first baby via surrogate. Also, it’s a horse.

Out of the Jenner sisters and Kardashian sisters, Kendall is the only one who isn’t a mother. So it was big news on an episode of The Kardashians last week when Kendal announced she’s expecting her first baby… But the proud mother will be Dylan, one of her four horses.

Officer Magic: A Mini Therapy Horse Joins The Force (video)

When you think of police horses, you probably think large and in charge. Officer Magic tries the opposite approach to help his community.

Horse Kicks: $4,800 custom sneakers for your horse

Custom shoe designer Marcus Floyd has collabed with VisitLEX to create custom horse sneakers to promote Lexington, Kentucky as the Horse Capital of the World, along with partial proceeds going to charity.

Teddy The Shetland is a Pony with Fur All Over and a Calming Presence

Teddy the Shetland is a pony with fur all over and a calming presence. He was adopted by Alice Goring, of Surrey, England, who got Teddy as a companion for her other horses. Alice is an event rider and Teddy was a calming presence for her larger cousins.

The Inspiring Story of Peabody – The World’s Smallest Horse

Born on May 7, 2021, and growing to only 16.5 inches tall and 19 pounds, Peabody was the world’s smallest horse. He had a rough start to life, born with dwarfism, misshapen legs and jaw, along with being completely deaf. He was so short he wasn’t able to reach up to drink milk from his mother.