Small Town Horses in the Big City: Meet Oreo and Ember the Mini Horses

Chris Anderson is a human living in Barrie, a small city in Ontario, Canada. After owning a horse in her younger years, Anderson’s elderly mom wished to have a horse again before she went to heaven. At first, Anderson thought it was a nice but crazy idea for someone not living on a farm. But then he found out his city actually allows people to keep horses in their backyard. So Anderson compromised by getting her two half-size horses instead of one full-sized horse, to better fit in a backyard.

Mini Horses in the Big City Meet Oreo and Ember in Barrie Ontario
Credit: Oreo & Ember The Mini Horses/Facebook

After his mom passed away, Anderson inherited the two mini horses named Oreo and Ember. And as it’s allowed to walk horses where he lives, Anderson has been taking his pair of petite ponies for daily walks – Which has turned them into local pet celebrities! And everyone who is blessed to run into Oreo and Ember is instantly lit up with joy.

And they even got dressed up as reindeer for Christmas!

Here’s a throwback to when Anderson’s mom first got Ember.

For more mini horsing around, follow Oreo & Ember The Mini Horses on Facebook. And for another tiny horse with a big heart, meet Muchkin, the Mayo Clinic’s first mini therapy horse.

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