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Slimecicle has a cat.

Slimecicle (Charlie Dalgleish)

Slimecicle (Charlie Dalgleish) Pets


August 12, 1998 (25)

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Charlie Dalgleish, best known by his online pseudonym Slimecicle, is an esteemed American internet personality, voice actor, and content creator, gaining prominence for his entertaining and inventive content primarily on the platform YouTube.

Slimecicle established his online persona in the realm of YouTube, making his mark with unique comedic commentary and skits often centered around popular video games. His playthroughs and commentary on games like “Minecraft,” “Among Us,” and “Call of Duty” have resonated with millions of viewers, elevating him as a cherished figure in the gaming community. However, his creative endeavor isn’t limited to gaming. Slimecicle’s comedic skits, such as “Every Pokemon Described by a Dad Who Hasn’t Played Pokemon,” demonstrate his knack for humor and ability to connect with a diverse audience. His involvement with the Lunch Club, a collaboration of like-minded creators, further expanded his reach and contributed to his impressive portfolio of entertaining content.

Throughout his career, Slimecicle has collaborated with a host of fellow internet personalities and influencers. His association with the Lunch Club led to notable partnerships with creators like CallMeCarson, Traves, Hugbox, and Ted Nivison. He’s worked extensively with Cscoop and has frequently joined forces with popular YouTubers like Wilbur Soot, Jschlatt, and TommyInnit on various projects, streams, and video collabs. He’s also been a part of the group Goop, extending his collaborative efforts with figures like Pokay and Jawsh.