Planning To Disconnect While on Vacation? Then Let These Horses Reply to Your Work Emails (Seriously)

With it somehow already 2024, many are planing (or dreaming) of taking a well-deserved vacation this year. And when enjoying said vacation, there’s nothing worse than having to deal with work emails or even think about work when you’re in vacay mode. Luckily for you, there’s three trained Icelandic horses on standby to help you disconnect by writing up your away message email! Seriously!

Let Icelandic horses write your emails
Credit: Visit Iceland

This is a promotion from Visit Island, which named their hot new tech startup “Outhorse Your Email.”

While to spur interest in visiting Iceland, anyone can try out their service. And can we expect a WeWork competitor, “NeighWork,” to launch next? Visit Island also included a BTS video on how they pulled it off.

For a horse that’s dedicated to his job, meet Officer Magic the mini therapy horse.

Officer Magic Mini Therapy Horse
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