Escaped Kangaroo Resists Arrest, Punches Cop in the Face

A kangaroo was on the run for four days before being captured… But not without a fight! The four-year-old female kangaroo made a daring nighttime escape while being transferred to another zoo. During a rest stop, the kangaroo managed to get loose from its handlers, jump over their heads (typical), and escape. Over four days, there were many sightings of the kangaroo in the surrounding rural area. And while this is probably an everyday occurrence in Australia – This actually happened near Toronto in Canada, making it quite the surprise to see hopping along a road.

Eventually, several police officers managed to get on her tail #punintended for a three-hour pursuit in the middle of the night. At the advice of the roo’s handlers, the police grabbed her by the tail once they caught up to her. (Fun fact: the safest way to catch a kangaroo is to grab it by its tail) While the kangaroo was detained and placed in a K9 police car, she managed to get off a shot and punch one of the arresting officers in the face.

And below is what we imagine the kangaroo told her buddies in jail of what happened that crazy night.

AI image of kangaroo punching a police officer

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