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Julian Barratt does not have any reported pets.

Julian Barratt

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May 4, 1968 (56)

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Julian Barratt is an English comedian, actor, musician, and writer, best known for his role in the surreal comedy series “The Mighty Boosh,” which he co-created and starred in alongside Noel Fielding.

Barratt’s career in television includes his significant role as Howard Moon in “The Mighty Boosh,” a series that gained a cult following and earned a Perrier Comedy Award. He has appeared in other television series such as “Nathan Barley,” “AD/BC: A Rock Opera,” and “Flowers.” Barratt has acted in films like “A Field in England” and “Mindhorn.” His voice acting credits include characters in “The Enfield Haunting” and “Big Mouth.”

Barratt’s career has been marked by impactful collaborations with several prominent figures. He worked with Richard Ayoade in “Nathan Barley,” enhancing the comedic depth of the show. Collaborating with Alice Lowe in “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace” highlighted his ability to blend horror and comedy. His work with director Ben Wheatley in “A Field in England” showcased his adaptability to different genres. Collaborating with Olivia Colman in “Flowers” brought critical acclaim. He worked with Simon Farnaby in “Mindhorn,” demonstrating his talent in comedic film roles.