Only in Cali: Chill Bear Sips Margarita While In Jacuzzi

You might think you’re chill, but you’re nowhere near as chill as this bear sipping a margarita in a jacuzzi.

The California heatwave has got everyone – animals included – looking for a way to cool down. Mark Hough, an Altadena, California local, left his unheated hot tub uncovered during the hot weather, accidentally inviting in an unwanted guest.

He came outside to find a super chill bear soaking in his tub. The bear hung out with the jets on for a while before tossing back Hough’s unfinished margarita. He then found a shady oak tree to have a nap underneath.

“He was playing, having a grand old time,” Hough told the Associated Press. “So he had his margarita, he had his jacuzzi, and now he’s ready for an hour nap.”

We feel you, Chill Bear. It’s over 100 degrees in California right now, you really can’t blame a guy for trying to cool off.

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