Conchita, a Chihuahua Dubbed The Queen of Miami, Inherits a $12.4 Million Fortune

The queen of Miami, Conchita, has a $3 million trust fund and an $8.4 million mansion. She’s fab as f**k, wears a Tiffany diamond studded collar and rolls around in a gold Escalade. She’s a 1lb Chihuahua with the attitude of a spoiled socialite. Gail Posner passed away in 2010 and left the majority of her fortune to her pampered pooches. She shafted her son, Brett Carr, giving him a measly $1 million. Immediately contesting the will, Carr stated that Posner’s staff drugged and manipulated his mother into leaving $23 million to “the help”, $3 million to the dogs and $1 million to himself. Sorry about your luck, Brett.

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Conchita and her two sisters, April-Maria the Maltese and Lucia the Yorkshire Terrier, had a close relationship with Posner; she would spend outrageous amounts on weekly puppy-spa visits which she ensured would continue after her death. The dogs take their own gold Escalade to their mani/pedi appointments.

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The mansion left to the pups was 9,696 square feet and has a direct Biscayne Bay access. Typically, when a pet is left with a substantial inheritance, there will be someone placed in charge of their care. Seven of Posner’s staff members were appointed to the pups’ well being and they lucked out, living rent free on the property. The house has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, an extravagant courtyard, a rooftop terrace, a private gym, and an ostentatious master suite. Not bad for a dog house.

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Posner decked the pampered pooches out in diamond studded collars worth over $20,000. Before her death, Gail went on a bizarre publicity campaign for Conchita, painting a picture of the most spoiled dog in the world. She did photo shoots with Conchita dressed up in a wig and expensive doggie outfits. She even conducted interviews where she stated that Conchita will only sleep in cashmere sweaters, bites her nanny and bullies her sisters.

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Gail Posner was part of one of Miami Beach’s most notoriously rich families. Her father, Victor Posner, known as the “Vulture” was infamous for the hostile takeovers of business’. When he died, he cut his children and grandchildren out of his will and left everything to girlfriend Brenda Noster. Basically, the richer you are the worse you can be.

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