The story of a diver Valerie Taylor and moray eel becoming BFFs

Valerie Taylor is a famous diver and underwater photographer and videographer, known for being a shark expert with an impressive underwater career going back to the 1960s. On top of tons of documentaries and work, she also helped with Hollywood movies such as JAWS and The Blue Lagoon. While she is in her 80s and doesn’t dive anymore, one of her more unique experiences was befriending a moray eel she named “Honey”.

valerie taylor moray eel friendship

Most of us have heard of relationships with wild sea animals, but it’s usually dolphins, whales, turtles or other more friendly looking ones. While moray eels look intimidating, they’re usually very shy, but also defensive of their homes, making this friendship one-of-a-kind.

Valerie first met Honey in 1974 with her friendship lasting up until the 1990s when she stopped diving (with this video footage said to be from the 90s). She first met the spotted eel in her underwater home in Indonesia, but she wasn’t friendly to her human visitor at first. Valerie would occasionally stop by for a chat and bring her a fish for a snack. Eventually, Honey warmed up to her and would come out to greet her. She would even come rub up against Valerie, looking for her to give her a rub or scratch. Even when they wouldn’t hang out for months or even for three years, Honey still recognized Valerie and would rush out for a hug.

Make sure to watch the video above to hear Valerie talk about their friendship. And if you’d like another amazing story of underwater love, check out this diver and his 25-year friendship with a giant fish.

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