You Can Finally Buy Samurai Armor for Your Cats and Dogs

Does your pet wish they were part of an elite military class that ruled over feudal Japan? Now they can live out that fantasy thanks to Samurai Age!

Japanese samurai armor costumes for cats and dogs - Samurai Age
Credit: Samurai Age

Based in Japan, Samurai Age offers hand-made samurai armor in a variety of sizes to fit your cat or small dog – Turning them into the noble warriors their destiny foretold!

Cat wearing Samurai armor
Credit: Samurai Age

When converted from Japanese Yen, these beautifully detailed armor sets cost around $110-130 USD. While they are an awesome deal for your little furry feudal warlord, they are made-to-order and shipped from Japan, so you’ll have to factor in the wait and shipping costs.

pet samurai armor by Samurai Age Japan
Credit: Samurai Age

Just check out this badass warrior named Kotetsu, casting a steely gaze across his dominion.

Keeping their weapons sharp is a priority for all Samurai.

Kotetsu-san is always ready for battle.

Here he is picking up a few combat tips.

And all good samurai know hydration is vital to their success.

See more samurai action on Instagram at @samurai_age. For some kitties more into the ninja side of things, check out these two cats who pent years trying to sneak into a Japanese museum – Who now have their own merch collection.

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