Two Cats Spent Years Trying To Sneak Into a Japanese Museum – Now They Have Their Own Merch Collection

Two mischievous stray cats in Japan have been immortalized thanks to their own merchandise collection. And how did they earn the honor of appearing on tote bags, post cards, slippers, and even their own statues? For trying to sneak into a museum for several years straight.

Onomichi City Museum of Art cat merchandise
Credit: Xiu Ting Wong

Their notoriety started back in 2016, when the Twitter account for the Onomichi City Museum of Art started tweeting about two stray cats who were locked in a friendly battle with their security staff. A black cat named Ken-chan and a ginger cat named Go-chan.

Onomichi City Museum of Art Ken-chan and Go-chan cats
Ken-chan (left) and Go-chan (right) [Credit: @bijutsu1/Twitter]

These two kitties would try to sneak into the museum every day, with security having to block them or carry them out. This continued for about two years before the museum found them fur-ever homes for the infamous felines.

Onomichi City Museum of Art cat tote bags
Credit: Xiu Ting Wong

During this time, the popularity of Ken-chan and Go-chan reached across the globe, with people coming to visit the museum just to meet them. So the museum decided to capitalize on this by creating a line of gift shop items dedicated to them.

Onomichi City Museum of Art cat postcards and slippers
Credit: Xiu Ting Wong

Pretty wild that the museum dedicated swag to two cats who attempted to break into said museum. It would be like if the National Archives created merchandise of Nicolas Cage for trying to steal the Declaration of Independence.

We have Go-chan stubbornly attempting entry above. And Ken-chan faking an injury during one of his many attempts.

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