Sir Indiana Bones: From Shelter Cat to Museum Manager

No, this isn’t a “Night at the Museum” reboot. This is the true story of how a shelter cat became the official office kitty of the Museum of Osteology and Skulls Unlimited. (But someone should talk to Ben Stiller about getting this story adapted for the reboot.)

Sir Indiana Bones Museum Cat Oklahoma City
Credit: @sirindianabones/Instagram

Just so you’re clear before we get into the story. “Osteology” is the study of bones, and “Skulls Unlimited” is a leading supplier of osteological specimens (bones stuff).

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Sir Indiana Bones (or “Indy” for short) was hired/adopted back in 2019. The museum staff wanted an office pet, so they formed a “Kitty Committee” to sell the owners on adopting a cat. When the staff went to the Moore Animal Shelter to pick out a kitty, Indy was the most persistent of all the cats.

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Indy’s unofficial title is “Therapy Cat” for the museum staff. But he’s also considered the Office Kitty and let’s assume he’s also the Night Manager. But after Indy started pulling in $$$ from his Instagram Reels, the museum had to make him an official employee.

During the week, Indy spends time between the museum and the corporate office. If the museum gets too hectic, the human staff will take him out and make sure he’s comfortable. Fans have driven from all over the country just to meet Indy, but that’s if Indy will see them…

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And now he’s even got his own merch!

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