Super Bowl LVIII: Meet the Dogs of the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers

Everyone now knows the lineup for 2024’s Super Bowl LVIII with the Kansas City Chiefs returning to face off against the San Francisco 49ers…. But do you know each team’s lineup of dogs? And in case you’re wondering, “how about their cats?” We couldn’t find any players who are fans of felines. Let’s just chalk it up to dogs officially being better at playing football than cats (don’t @ me). But we have to give a special shoutout to Talanoa Hufanga, who had a pet goat growing up. We’ll start with the 49ers and then the Chiefs.

San Francisco 49ers and their dogs

Kyle Juszczyk – Mozzarella and Pierogi

Juice has two glorious Vanderbilt Samoyeds named Mozzarella and Pierogi. He got Mozzarella in 2020 and his sister Pierogi in March 2023.

George Kittle – Deenie

Deenie is George Kittle’s black Bernedoodle, named after his wife Claire’s great-grandmother because the pup reminded them of her fun-loving attitude. Her great granny must have been good at hockey too.

And here’s Deenie squaring off against Mozzarella.

Christian McCaffrey – Oliver Sprinkles

Also representing the Doodle Squad, Christian McCaffrey has a toy Goldendoodle named Oliver Sprinkles.

Fred Warner – Kobi Bean

Fred Warner has the third Doodle in the lineup, with Kobi Bean the micro Goldendoodle.

Charvarius Ward – Two Pitbulls

Charvarius Ward has two Pitbulls that he tweeted a photo of back in 2017, but hasn’t posted anything about the pair since.

Brandon Aiyuk – Duece

Brandon Aiyuk has a Blue Nose Pitbull named Duece who looks very supportive of his Madden career.

BONUS: Zoë & Rookie the 49ers Frenchies

We have to include rescued Frenchies Zoë & Rookie, who hold the title of the first emotional support dogs fostered by an NFL team.

Kansas City Chiefs and their dogs

Patrick Mahomes – Steel and Silver

Patrick Mahomes has the most followed dogs in the lineup with 210,000 Instagram followers. Silver the Cane Corso is on the left and Steel the Pitbull is on the right.

Creed Humphrey – Beau

Creed Humphrey has a rescue named Beau. He’s also known for his dog adoption advocacy and donating his time to local rescues.

Travis Kelce – Chauncey and Rambo

Last but not least, we have Travis Kelce with his Pomsky, Chauncey, and his Goldendoodle, Rambo.

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