Chihuahua hides in cowboy boot, attempts flight to Vegas

Everyone hates extra airlines fees. It’s the worst when you’re luggage is a bit overweight so you have to scramble to transfer items into your carry-on to avoid getting dinged. When Kristi and Jared Owens were in that situation when catching a Southwest flight to Vegas, they found a little five-pound surprise. When moving some clothing from their luggage into their carry-on, one of Jared’s cowboy boots felt a little heavier. That’s when Icky, their rescue chihuahua, popped her head out of the boot.

“We were just looking for a little romantic getaway, a little escape. We’ve got a really busy house. We’ve got two children, three dogs, a rabbit, a lot of fish.”Kristi told The Washington Post, “And the last things I packed were those boots… She didn’t make a peep.”

The couple said Icky loves to burrow and hide under blankets and laundry. We guess they didn’t know Icky also loves to hit up Vegas for a weekend.

“[Southwest employees] were great about it. They helped us do everything we could to get our bags checked,” Jared said. “We went outside to make phone calls, and Cathy even came back outside a couple of times to check on us.”

While a funny story, it’s great they discovered Icky at the last minute, as if she was checked in with the luggage, it could have easily been fatal.

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