Are you tired of your pets just being happy all the time? Sometimes, our furry friends who are just too darn tired of life. These pets have had enough of your constant demands for cuddles, feeding them on time, and playing with them. Lets look into the crankiest of cats, the grumpiest of dogs, and the surliest of small animals.

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Tango and Cash – Two crazy Abyssinian cat brothers

Tango and Cash have a love-hate relationship like most siblings, but this pair happens to be Abyssinians, a unique breed of cat that has the look of a wildcat, mixed with some dog energy.

Maggie the Pug Falls in Love with her Doppelganger Statue

Maggie the pug is a pup with a personality to match. She loves nothing more than spending time in her own company, but even when she’s solo, she isn’t ever really alone. That’s because her best friend – and doppelganger – is a statue of another pug! @the_squish_biscuit This dog 😆#pug #fyp #pugsoftiktok #foryourpage #dogsoftiktok #dogsfunny #funny #foryou ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music Credit: Maggie / Kamerin Bazemore The captivated pug shares her house with two older siblings, Merlin and Willow.

This pet fish plays Pokemon, but also commits credit card fraud

A YouTube streamer taught his pet fish to play Pokemon, then one time he was away, the fish managed to use his credit card online.

Sapphie The Pomsky has all the buttons and she knows when to push them!

Sapphie The Pomsky is a dog that doesn’t hold back how she feels. And if you don’t give her what she wants, well, she knows how to push some buttons. She’s feisty and sassy, and she has won the hearts of over 3 million followers across social media.

Mr. BulldogPabs, the bulldog who doesn’t fear anything

Mr. BulldogPabs is a dog that doesn’t care about much. He’s tough, emotionless, and isn’t fazed by much or anything else for that matter.

Cranky and Polina, a Couple Sphinx Cats that Living Their Best Not-So-Cranky Lives

Meet Cranky and Polina, a couple Sphynx cats that are living their best life in the most feisty way possible. Anyone who’s spent time with these lovable creatures will know it’s all just a façade and they are actually quite friendly on the inside. But don’t let that fool you, Cranky has no time stuffed animals stealing attention away, and no he’s not angry – he knows how to chill when it suits him.

Clever Cat Breaks TV As A Way To Get More Attention

Vito is a clever cat who knows how to get what he wants. Except the attention seeking kitty has outdone himself this time, managing to break the family TV as a way to get more of the attention he so craves. Owner Valentina Colombo shares that “Vito doesn’t seem sorry” for his antics, knowing that he will always be the baby of the family no matter what mischief he gets into.

Fishflation: Penguins at Japanese Aquarium refuse to eat cheaper fish

Inflation and rising food prices can also affect our animal friends, not just us humans. But faced with rising fish prices, these proud penguins and putting their flipper down. They live at Hakone-en Aquarium in Kanagawa, Japan, where they’re typically fed aji, a fatty Japanese horse mackerel.

Bear 747 wins Fat Bear Week again, overcomes voter fraud

Bear 747, aka “Bear Force One”, is one epic super-chonk of a brown bear, with a blocky muzzle and a floppy right ear, he breaks the scales at A WHOPPING 1,400 POUNDS! He’s considered one of the largest, if not the largest, brown bear alive today. Bear 747 training hard for Fat Bear Week [Image via] But it takes more than weight to win Fat Bear Week and if you’re not familiar with the competition, let me fill you in.

“Blessing of The Animals” celebration returns to New York City church

Now in its 32nd year, the Saint John the Divine Cathedral in Manhattan celebrated the Feast of St. Francis, which includes the beloved “Blessing of The Animals”. Image via St.