Are you tired of your pets just being happy all the time? Sometimes, our furry friends who are just too darn tired of life. These pets have had enough of your constant demands for cuddles, feeding them on time, and playing with them. Lets look into the crankiest of cats, the grumpiest of dogs, and the surliest of small animals.

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You Can Finally Buy Samurai Armor for Your Cats and Dogs

Does your pet wish they were part of an elite military class that ruled over feudal Japan? Now they can live out that fantasy thanks to Samurai Age!

Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog, Being Investigated for Fraud (Confirmed)

Guinness World Records later confirmed that they have stripped the late good boy of his title.

“Ahole Eddie” The Rescue Dog Went Viral for Being a Jerk, Now Using His Fame To Give Back to His Shelter

After his Facebook post describing him as "an a$$hole" went viral and got him adopted, Eddie has turned his life around and is giving back!

Escaped Kangaroo Resists Arrest, Punches Cop in the Face

While this sounds like a typical day in Australia, this actually happened in Canada!

Pablo Escobar’s “Cocaine” Hippos Now Facing Execution for Their Crimes

Drug kingpin Pablo Escobar was shot dead escaping on a rooftop. Let's hope these hangry hangry hippos don't meet the same fate.

Two Penguin Perpetrators Get Arrested after Breaking into Sushi Stand Twice

Two fairy penguins' (more like FELONY penguins, if you ask me) sushi crime spree was brought to an end in New Zealand.

See the Cute Canine Costumes From the 2023 Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City

You have to see the creativity and effort these dog parents put into their fur babies' costumes!

How Grumpy Barbara Transformed from Grumpy to Lovely

While Barbara still has a GRF (Grumpy Resting Face), her personality turned around after finding her forever home!

21-Year-Old Peanut Is Officially the World’s Oldest Chicken

Peanut, the new world's oldest chicken, celebrated her 20th Hatch Day this year. Just four more until she becomes the oldest ever recorded!

Chicken Crosses the Road, Is Immediately Arrested by Scottish Police

And the public's tax dollars were wasted questioning "why the chicken crossed the road?" smh...