Are you tired of your pets just being happy all the time? Sometimes, our furry friends who are just too darn tired of life. These pets have had enough of your constant demands for cuddles, feeding them on time, and playing with them. Lets look into the crankiest of cats, the grumpiest of dogs, and the surliest of small animals.

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Statue Unveiled for Freya the Celebrity Walrus Who Was Euthanized

Freya the Walrus became famous in 2022 for her playful spirit. Unfortunately, her playing involved destroying boats...

Mom’s Poster Looking to Borrow a Garfield Lookalike Cat for Her Daughter’s Birthday Goes Viral

After her daughter requested a lasagna dinner for her birthday, a mom made an adorable poster looking to borrow an orange cat which went viral.

Canine Karaoke (and Cats): Meet @savbeat and His Talented Furry Collaborators

In the age of TikTok, creators are finding new and innovative ways to share their talents with the world. One such creator is musician @savbeat, who has gained a following on the platform for his unique musical collaborations with some unlikely partners: dogs who sing. @savbeat #duet with @arethalovernyc Thanks y’all for the good vibes ❤️ #doggy #singingdog #acoustic #guitar #singerdog #cutedog #dogmusic #relaxingmusic #fyp ♬ original sound – ArethaLoverNYC @savbeat is a multi-instrumentalist, but it is his work with dogs that has garnered the most attention. For the past few years, he has been sharing videos of himself adding background music to match a dog’s vocalizations.

Pearl the iPhone-Sized Chihuahua is the World’s Shortest Dog

In April 2023, Guinness World Record awarded the (tiny) crown of World’s Shortest Living Dog to Pearl, a two-year-old female Chihuahua. She measures 3.59 inches (9.14 cm) tall and 5 inches (12.7 cm) long and weighs 1.22 pounds (553 g). Credit: Guinness World Records When compared to an iPhone 14, she’s a bit taller than an iPhone is wide and not quite as long.

A Dog Kept Getting Attacked by Other Dogs (Until he got Sunglasses to Block out the Haters)

After getting a pair of doggy stunner shades, this good boy turned rock star became a hit among dogs and humans!

A “Grumpy” Morning with Lady: The Golden Retriever Giving Serotonin Boosts

Meet Lady, the unapologetically “Grumpy” Golden Retriever with a fanbase of over two million strong across social media. Chances are you’ve already seen a few videos of Lady shared across the Internet. She attended the 2022 WeRateDogs “Paws of Fury” movie event and has been featured on some pretty big accounts across social media like E!

Bobi is the Guinness World Records 2023 Oldest Living Dog AND the Oldest Dog of All Time

At 30 years old, this very good, VERY old boy is not only the world's oldest dog, he's the oldest dog ever recorded.

Tango and Cash – Two crazy Abyssinian cat brothers

Tango and Cash have a love-hate relationship like most siblings, but this pair happens to be Abyssinians, a unique breed of cat that has the look of a wildcat, mixed with some dog energy.

Maggie the Pug Falls in Love with her Doppelganger Statue

Maggie the pug is a pup with a personality to match. She loves nothing more than spending time in her own company, but even when she’s solo, she isn’t ever really alone. That’s because her best friend – and doppelganger – is a statue of another pug! @the_squish_biscuit This dog 😆#pug #fyp #pugsoftiktok #foryourpage #dogsoftiktok #dogsfunny #funny #foryou ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music Credit: Maggie / Kamerin Bazemore The captivated pug shares her house with two older siblings, Merlin and Willow.

This pet fish plays Pokemon, but also commits credit card fraud

A YouTube streamer taught his pet fish to play Pokemon, then one time he was away, the fish managed to use his credit card online.