Two Penguin Perpetrators Get Arrested after Breaking into Sushi Stand Twice

For two acts of trespassing in a sushi stand, New Zealand Police detained two “little blue” penguins, also known as fairy penguins (more like FELONY penguins, amirite?)

penguin criminals breaking into sushi restaurant in New Zealand
Maybe they were going to pay for the sushi, but forgot their wallets in their other tuxedos?

Described by the police as “waddling vagrants,” the penguin duo were not actually after the delicious sushi (allegedly) – Like many of us humans, they were actually just looking for affordable housing.

AI image of penguin criminals in jail
They weren’t actually sent to jail – But imagine how cute their matching outfits would be!

It was July at the time, which is winter time in New Zealand (apparently), and also the time penguins look for nesting spots so they can start a family around August. One morning, a member of the sushi staff heard “cooing” noises from somewhere in the kitchen. The penguin pair were then found and taken back to the neighboring Wellington Harbour.

But by the evening, the penguins had returned for round two! They took a risky walk across a busy street for around 200 to 300 meters (650 to 1000 feet). After their second arrest, the couple was provided with a nesting box, which they luckily took a liking to!

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Lala the rescued King Penguin Shopping in Japan
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