The Nice Rascals: Laughs and Lessons with 10 Rescue Cats

Nicoletta is a nice human in Italy devoted to helping stray cats, who currently has 10 rescues living with her. Known as the Nice Rascals, this feline version of Marvel’s Avengers consists of five tabby cats named Nebula, Andromeda, Pandora, Ariel and Cosmo, A tuxedo named Neriede, a long-fur tuxedo named Mefisto, a ginger named Perseo, and two black kittens named Draco and Celeno. And if you think it’s tricky having one or two kitties, just imagine having 10!

The Nice Rascals Laughs and Lessons with 10 Rescue Cats

Nice Rascals… ASSEMBLE!

The Nice Rascals family started about 2 years ago, with the four founding members being tabby kittens Nebula, Andromeda, Pandora, and Cosmo.

Then Nereide the tuxedo was warmly welcomed into the kitty crew.

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Black kitties Draco and Celeno are the newest members, who joined this summer (with maybe not quite as warm welcome lol) Before joining, they were strays stuck in a garden, where neighbors would throw food scraps to keep them alive. Nicoletta made friends with the old lady who owned the garden and was able to rescue them. The two kitties were in terrible shape, but are doing great now!

Here’s the only ginger on the team, Perseo, who is one of the very few cats who actually caught the red laser and found out it’s a portal to the underworld. Perseo and Mefisto the long-hair tuxedo crashed a pizzeria to beg for food. Lucky for them, Nicoletta and her husband were eating there and took them home!

Here’s Andromeda and Ariel battling a serpent. If you notice Ariel’s missing tail, she was rescued without teeth and many injuries. But thanks to the Nice Rascals, she’s healthy again and fighting against evil!

The whole crew loves to play together.

They also really love to party (maybe too much sometimes)

But it’s not all fun and games (for their human Nicoletta lol)

The kitties do try to help (in their own special way, of course)

They do give their human a break sometimes though (for as long as she can hide)

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