The Look Ahead Cats – 6 rescue cats that run an animal hospital

Bea, Elfie, Uno, Peggy, Theo, and OJ. This six-pack of cats make up the “Look Ahead Cats” team of feline nurses at the Look Ahead Veterinary Hospital in California. They weren’t always healthcare professionals though. They actually were all previously patients that now want to help other animals in need.

@thehospitalcats From stray, injured cats to running a vet hospital 😎 Shout out to the actual owner though who lets us keep them 🥰 #vethospital #hospitalcats #cats #tiktokcats #rescue #rescuecat #funnycats #fyp #fypage #fypシ ♬ original sound – jovynn

These cats were all stray kittens that were brought in with bad injuries over the years. They’ve since become a big happy family that can freely roam the large indoor hospital space. Their job is to provide love and comfort to the hospital’s human visitors and animal patients. They’re all calm and friendly and never discriminate who they’ll cuddle up to (pending the patient is okay with cats).

Here’s what the gang has planned for 2023:

Bea is the most TikTok famous of the bunch, due to always doing her rounds to greet and shake a paw with each patient.

If you want the story of each member, watch the video below:

@thehospitalcats So grateful for all the new friends, support, and the opportunity to make you laugh and smile each day! Many more adventures to come! #hospitalcats #vethospital #cats #tiktokcats #tiktok #rescue #rescuecat #fyp ♬ Try Everything (From "Zootopia") – Movie Sounds Unlimited

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