Doggie Mom Loses Puppies in Barn Fire, Finds Orphaned Pups to Adopt and Care For

Daisy Dog Mom Rescues Puppies
©Facebook / Daisy Woodruff – Daisy feeding the newly adopted puppies

Last month a fire broke out in an Oregon barn, sadly killing the animals living inside. This included a few goats and pigs, along with a litter of puppies. Daisy the momma dog managed to survive, as her humans had to hold her from running into the burning barn. After, Daisy was devastated from losing her newborn pups. She would return to the barn looking for them, wasn’t eating properly and would whine to her humans.

Daisy Dog Mom Rescues Puppies
©Facebook / Daisy Woodruff – Daisy is very happy about the new family

Daisy’s human Jessica Woodruff thought of the great idea to find some foster pups who are needing a mother. Lorna Murphy then heard about Daisy’s situation, who’s dog Chloe had passed away after giving birth to eight puppies. Having to nurse all eight puppies herself was a tough job for a human, but one Daisy was happy to help with.

And Daisy and the orphan pups hit it off right away! The 10-day old puppies are also border collies and Daisy is half-border collie, making them an even more perfect match. Daisy was overjoyed to be able to help the little dog pack out and will continue to nurse them until they can return to their humans.

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