Lupito El Cerdito: The Mini Pig Who’s a Big Activist and Film Buff

Lupito is a mini pig who lives with his humans, Alexis and Joaquin, in Puebla, Mexico. And despite his small stature, he has a huge heart: Since 2020, Lupito and his humans have channeled his cuteness to draw support for a variety of human, environmental, and animal rights issues in their community and Mexico.

While he was already a local hero to the people of Puebla, a tweet by @andrearendon__ went viral, and set this little piggy on the path to international celebrity pet status.

You see, on top of his activism, Lupito is also a patron porker of the arts. Through his “El Cine de Lupito,” he gives people the chance to see Mexican-made movies and documentaries, as well as family movies for kids to enjoy. On top of the fact they might rarely have the chance to see these films, it also brings the community together for a good time.

Lupito’s ambitious range of causes he supports include the LGBT+ community and collecting signatures for a missing persons law. In 2021, Puebla made the news in July 2021 when two dogs, named Spike and Spay, fell and got trapped in a giant sinkhole on a farm. Stuck 50 feet down for several days, most thought they wouldn’t be rescued. Lupito turned up to draw attention to the situation, which in turn helped motivate the local fire department to successfully risk saving the pair of pooches. And in September, Lupito bravely marched in support of decriminalizing abortion.

For more of this positive piggy, you can follow @lupito_elcerdito on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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