Sure, pigs may not be the first animal that comes to mind when you think of popular pets, but according to social media trends, that’s all changing. Pigs as pets have become more common since the 1980s and there are more being adopted every day. They’re smart enough to be trained like dogs, can be house trained, and you’ll be the only one in the neighborhood with one.


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Meet Wallace the Rescued Warthog Influencer

Rescued as a piglet, Wallace has grown up to be one laid-back dude who's loved by his fellow sanctuary residents and TikTok followers.

Pigcasso, the Famous Pig Painter Who Raised Over $1 Million, Has Passed Away

Saved from a slaughterhouse as a piglet, she was naturally drawn to the arts. As her passion and talent grew, so did her clientele, whose patronage raised over $1 million for her sanctuary.

Tori Spelling Rather Sleep With a Pig Than Her Husband

According to her husband Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling rather have her pet pig sleep in their bed instead of him!

Lupito El Cerdito: The Mini Pig Who’s a Big Activist and Film Buff

Lupito may just be a little piggy... But he has a huge heart! Not only does he campaign for both human and animal rights, he also promotes the art of cinema.

Kevin Bacon the Pig Went Missing – Then Was Found With Help From Kevin Bacon the Actor

Kevin Bacon (pig) was reunited with his family after two weeks on the run, which included help from Kevin Bacon (human).

Merlin, the TikTok Famous Pig, Rescued a Baby Cow from an Abusive Petting Zoo

Merlin, a TikTok pigfluencer, just revealed his new rescue calf sibling to his 2 million followers!

That Time a Pig Stole 18 Beers, Got Drunk, and Fought a Cow

For context, this happened in Australia, where this kinda thing is probably a lot more common.

Living With Pickles: A Surfing Painting Therapy Pig With a Rescue Animal Family

Pickles is an inspirational porker that's an athlete, artist, therapist, and animal adoption advocate. What can't this little piggy do!

The Tale of Sparky, the Brave Rescue Pig, and his Feline Bestie

Just two years old, Sparky the rescued pig has shown grit that’ll put the bravest to shame. Found in a garage as a piglet by Tiffany Paltauf, the brain behind Sleepy Pig Farm, Sparky has since battled and bested nasty parasites and mange. Sure, he’s small, but Sparky’s spirit?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Adds a Pet Pig to His Personal Petting Zoo

Arnold Schwarzenegger's new pet pig Schnelly will feel right at home with his roommates Whiskey the mini horse and Lulu the mini donkey!