Sure, pigs may not be the first animal that comes to mind when you think of popular pets, but according to social media trends, that’s all changing. Pigs as pets have become more common since the 1980s and there are more being adopted every day. They’re smart enough to be trained like dogs, can be house trained, and you’ll be the only one in the neighborhood with one.


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Roxy aka @roxxydepalma The Pot Belly Pig With the Biggest Smile In The World

There are many ways to communicate in this world but none translate quite like a genuine wide eyed smile. We’re not talking about that half “smile-til-you-love-it” type of smile. It’s that sweet bona fide “I’m having a good time” kind of smile that radiates in a room.

Hamlet the Piggy a Therapy Micro Pig That Thinks She’s a Dog

It’s 2022 and we’ve seen all kinds of therapy pets from emotional support peacocks to the more common therapy dog. For most people, a traditional “therapy dog” is more than enough, but what if you’re allergic to dogs? That’s the situation that Melanie Gomez found herself in when searching for a pet to support her with her epilepsy.

Laurie Zaleski Rescues Over 600 Animals After Escaping Domestic Violence

Based out of Mays Landing, N.J., Laurie Zaleski is the founder of Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, a nonprofit animal rescue. ” Funny Farm” cares for more than 600 residents from chickens in diapers to three legged donkeys. And even though Zaleski is overseeing one of the largest animal rescues in the Northeast, she still found time to pen her inspirational memoir, Funny Farm, which was published this spring.

Special Needs Puppy and A Rescue Piglet Become Best Friends

Winnie is a special needs puppy that arrived at Charlotte’s Freedom Farm around 6 weeks. The family that bred him realized they weren’t able to properly care for him and his developmental issues. Unfortunately, his sternum did not develop properly, which left his lungs and heart unable to adequately protect itself.

Pete Davidson Gets Tattoo of Ariana Grande’s Piglet, Piggy Smallz

Pete Davidson, SNL cast member and fiancé to Ariana Grande, has gotten a new tattoo in honour of their pet piglet, Piggy Smallz. Davidson got engaged to Grande last June, following a whirlwind romance of about a month. While their dating history is pretty short, Davidson’s got some tattoos that will last forever.

Christopher The Pig puts the Boo in Boujee

Christopher The Pig never thought his life would involve spa treatments and après hot chocolate. The little pig was picked up by his parents from an ad on the online market, Kijiji. They quickly realized he had been mistreated in the past due to his shy and nervous demeanor.

Stella Max the Piglet will warm your cold, icy hearts

Stella Max the Piglet @stellamaxpig can inspire holiday cheer in even the grinchiest of grinches this December. Watch her snuggle up to a space heater in this so-cute-I-want-to-die video below! View this post on Instagram A post shared by STELLA MAX JOHNSON (@stellamaxpig) Stella Max has the most holiday cheer and we could not love her more.

Piglets at Aldor Acres Family Farms twerk-off and shake their bacon

A couple of piglets had a dance-off captured on film by a couple lucky farm visitors. Brent, Elsa and Sandy decided to visit the Aldor Acres Family Farms petting zoo when they got more of a show then they had bargained for. The trio witnessed what can only be described as a booty-shake-off between a couple of piglets.

Rescued hog Wilbur and wild squirrel find love in a pig sty

Do you hate sharing your food unless it’s with your absolute best friend? You might have more in common with this rescue pig than you think. Wilbur is wildly possessive of his snacks.

The story of Lulu the pig, who “played dead” to save owner’s life

This is the story of a heroic pot-bellied pig named Lulu who became a media sensation in the late 1990s. In 1997, Lulu’s human left her to be babysat by her parents JoAnn and Jack Altsman in Pennsylvania. They got along so well it led to her human parents becoming Lulu’s permanent parents.