Meet Wallace the Rescued Warthog Influencer

When most people think of a warthog, they think of them as a wild, aggressive boar. But if you ask his sanctuary family and his thousands of TikTok followers about him, they’d say Wallace is one chilled-out dude. Definitely more of a Pumba than a problem.

Wallace lives at the Sarasota Parrot Conservatory and is cared for by his dad Greg Para. And with Wallace’s friendly, playful vibe, his dad gave him the nickname “wart-dog.”

Meet Wallace the Rescued Warthog Influencer
Credit: @wallacethewarthog/Instagram

This was baby Wallace.

…Now he’s a 200-pound porker with almost 200,000 followers!

And let me answer your first question: Yes, he does love belly rubs.

Wallace is buddies with all the other rescued animals around the sanctuary. He usually rolls with his dog back, consisting of two Jack Russells and a Weimaraner.

He enjoys classic hog hobbies like wallowing in the mud.

He also helps out around the sanctuary. But in more of a supervisory role.

And his employees always make sure to check with him before clocking out.

After a hard day’s work, he lets his dad know he’s ready for bed.

You can bet he’s pals with the other resident pigs.

Don’t worry, like a good doggo, he’s also house-trained.

Wallace is also happy to entertain human fans when they visit.

Ok Wallace, looks like you had a late night. We’ll leave you alone and let you sleep in.

For more wallowing with Wallace, follow @wallacethewarthog on TikTok and Instagram.

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